Dr. Gottfried Curio: “What we need is not safe cities. Its safe train stations and parks”

Dr. Curio is one of my favorite people to subtitle. Its such a joy to read such brave lucidity.

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2 Replies to “Dr. Gottfried Curio: “What we need is not safe cities. Its safe train stations and parks””

  1. “…Brave lucidity…” Yes. But–
    Speaking common sense these days, if it is even possible without becoming a pariah, is like when you’re a kid and you’re trying to punch your big brother, but he’s got his hand on your forehead and he’s keeping you at arm’s length. You flail away but just can’t get at him.

    Curio is so crystalline one wonders why his words, and the words of so many others, do not “pied-piper” the masses into following. Really. How does such good common-sense not penetrate even the thickest skull?

    And then I think about Stephen Coughlin’s paper on Hegelian dialectics, and all the common sense in the world is suddenly ordered to sit in the back seat because Hegel is driving this thing. And then I realize it doesn’t end here, because if you extend this to its logical (sorry) conclusion, it explains war in the name of any ideology. No amount of rationalization will shake the truly committed apples out of the Neo-Marxist tree. As Bezmenov said, even when the soldier’s boot connects with their arses they may not wake up, for it may be their very intelligence that helps them rationalize their destructive beliefs. Call them the black-pilled. Common sense no longer works.

    This is why the schism between the red and black-pilled in our societies is such a serious disease. Unless a person has been immunized by the epiphany that is personal free will, which is not an ideology but a natural right, they are in danger of this disease’s zombification.

    The kicker is that this is not a conspiacy theory, but a phenomenon of human psychology, which brings us to the writings of Vladtepes contributor Perfect Child. He writes almost exclusively on this most basic level of indoctrination and its causes. My point here is that the purveyors of the Hegelian dialectic may be grand wizards in their understanding and execution of the process, but are also victims of it.

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