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7 Replies to “Something Europe can look forward to…”

    • It will never get to that. The citizens in most countries have been disarmed and which European national government would be prepared to employ its military to make a stand on behalf of its citizens?
      IMHO Europe is in its dying stages and thank goodness the majority of Brits are a wake-up.

      • “which European national government would be prepared to employ its military to make a stand on behalf of its citizens?”

        Hungary, an Italian government under Salvini, …
        …and other governments overturned by a populace who may finally decide they’ve had enough of globalist propaganda while there might still be enough time to eject the offenders.

  1. I hate to be apocalyptic but I think the entire Western World is going to slow-motion-blow-up and then come together in a different form over the next hundred years. When, for instance, London declares itself a Muslim Homeland and Caliphate perhaps a million Brits will move to Poland and Hungary while the rest run out to the countryside. When Vancouver Canada joins Mainland China there will be tens-of-thousands of white people looking for a place to go. And similar things are happening all over and each will create its own reaction. Since our governments are sworn to never protect us this conquest will happen with no fuss and no muss for the enemy. And in the US, how many Americans are going to be willing to live in a Constitution-free Democrat Permanent Superstate and how many are going to say, “I’m outta here…”?

    I believe we are going to see white flight on steroids as the immigrants take over larger and larger areas of land.

    Oh, and if you think I’m exaggerating, take a look at Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and Ilhan Omar and tell me you wouldn’t be a Jew in Nazi Germany if those evil bitches ever came to full power, which they and their like surely will in a matter of time as more Somalis and the like arrive and more Omars and Tlaibs get elected…

    • The blow up is coming and it will be chaos all around the world, I see a different end to the chaos but this based on a different understanding of history and what is going to happen.

      As the chaos grows the sheeple will be the ones who are eliminated and wolfs and hte sheep dogs will be the ones left. Without the sheeple slowing them down the Sheep Dogs will win.

      • And we won’t get to see any of it. I think this drama is going to play out in fits and starts over the coming decades and century and I have no idea just how it’s going to go down because it could go a million ways. Like, will the Conservatives be OK with staying away from the cities and occupying Nevada and Colorado and the South? What if they don’t like that idea? What if they want to live in New York?

        Unless, of course, they impeach Donald Trump or keep his name off the Presidential ballots, in which case 50,000 conservatives with rifles will turn up at the White House and nobody will be able to stop them. Has this likelihood not occurred to the Democrats…?

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