Some 911 related items. (More will be added over the day)

Yet another muslim lets us know that the real victims of the muslim 911 attacks, are muslims.

Al-Qaeda Leader Urges Attacks on US, European, Israeli and Russian Targets in 9/11 Speech – Reports

The statement came on the same day that the US is commemorating the victims of the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Centre twin towers in New York, which claimed the lives of almost 3,000 people.


On the 18th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks, the leader of Al-Qaida*, the terrorist group responsible for the notorious terror attack, Ayman al-Zawahri reportedly called on Muslims to carry out new strikes against the US, Russia, Israel, and European states. Al-Zawahri’s statement was published on the website of the SITE Intelligence Group.


Al-Zawahri, who succeeded Osama Bin Laden, the mastermind of the 9/11 attacks, criticised those jihadis who have “backtracked” on their views and condemned the attack on the World Trade Centre. It’s unclear when and where the video was made, but the Al-Qaida* leader mentions the March 2019 recognition of Israel’s claims to the Golan Heights by the US.

Meanwhile here and there in America:

Los Angeles


NYC again, this one says its today

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  1. 9/11 Mastermind, 4 Co-Conspirators Still Awaiting Trial 18 Years Since Attacks (breibart Sep 11, 2019)

    “The death penalty trial of the self-proclaimed 9/11 mastermind and his four co-conspirators held at the U.S. military prison in Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, is still pending nearly two decades after the jihadis executed the attack, the deadliest on American soil.

    In an unprecedented move, however, the judge overseeing the military tribunal at Gitmo finally set a date at the end of last month for the start of the trial for the five defendants.

    On August 30, U.S. Air Force Col. Shane Cohen, who took over as the judge overseeing the case in June, said the trial would begin January 11, 2021, as the nation approaches the 20th anniversary of the day that triggered the longest war in American history.

    The United States invaded Afghanistan in October 2001 to remove the Taliban from power for harboring the late al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden in the days leading to the attack and prevent the South Asian country from again becoming a haven for terrorists seeking to attack America.

    Afghanistan is now home to the “highest regional concentration” of terrorist groups in the world, including the Taliban, al-Qaeda, and the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL), the Pentagon reported in July.

    Pre-trial hearings for Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (KSM) and the four other men alleged to have played vital roles in helping carry out the massacre on September 11, 2001, resumed Monday.

    As the U.S. holds another memorial service Wednesday for the nearly 3,000 people killed by al-Qaeda 18 years ago, the five defendants will still be awaiting trial.

    KSM and his co-conspirators — Walid Muhammad Bin Attash, Ramzi Bin Al Shibh, Ali Abdul-Aziz Ali, and Mustafa Ahmed Al Hawsawi — could face the death penalty.

    The U.S. is still holding the five terrorists at the detention facility in Guantánamo, commonly known as Gitmo.

    U.S. authorities did not arraign KSM and his four co-conspirators until May 2012, more than a decade after the attacks. American service-members captured KSM in 2003 and transferee him to Gitmo in 2006.

    The military commission at Gitmo has repeatedly delayed the prospective trial of the 9/11 perpetrators in U.S. custody.

    In setting the trial date, Judge Cohen acknowledged that the U.S. military base at Guantánamo “will face a host of administrative and logistics challenges,” the Military Times reported.

    National Public Radio (NPR) added:

    [A] number of other deadlines would need to be met for the long-delayed trial to begin.

    That includes the U.S. government turning over all evidence it is required to give to defense attorneys. Lawyers for the five defendants say prosecutors have not been forthcoming.

    Several defense attorneys told NPR they think the scheduled trial date is unrealistic, and they say Guantánamo isn’t physically ready for a trial of that magnitude. But prosecutors have been asking for a trial date for several years and say that finally having one will motivate all parties to meet the deadline.

    The tribunal overseeing the case of the 9/11 attackers is a hybrid of the federal and military justice system.

    This week, the German news agency Deutsche Presse-Agentur (DPA) revealed:

    Crucial pre-trial hearings for the accused mastermind of the September 11, 2001 attacks and four other men alleged to have played key roles in helping carry out the passenger plane hijackings will resume on Monday (September 9) in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

    [KSM], who confessed to being involved in the capture and murder of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl, was subjected to extensive torture and was waterboarded 183 times.

    The procedure simulates a drowning experience.

    Lawyers for the defense are arguing that any confessions or other material should be invalidated because of the torture and are likely to file motions to have the entire trial set aside.

    Gitmo is still housing 40 jihadis, the majority of whom are considered “forever prisoners,” or too dangerous to release.

    U.S. President Donald Trump’s administration has only transferred one detainee out of the facility. Former U.S. President Barack Obama had approved the prisoner for release.

    The Trump administration is considering sending newly captured terrorists to the prison, particularly the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) jihadis.

    Citing the slow-moving pace of the military commissions and the cost of operating Gitmo, critics continue to argue in favor of allowing civilian courts on U.S. soil to handle the remaining cases.

    U.S. law approved under the Obama administration, however, makes it impossible to transfer any Guantánamo prisoner to the United States.

    Gitmo’s military tribunals have only produced eight convictions, including four overturned completely and one partially.

    KSM and the other four defendants are among the only seven prisoners still held at Gitmo who face charges before a “military commission.”

    Of the four overturned convictions, the military commission will have to deal with three. The other prisoner has appealed his life sentence to the U.S. Supreme Court.

    U.S. authorities only charged 16 detainees held at G with criminal offenses, Human Rights Watch reported.

    Yemenis make up the single largest national group at the prison, followed by Saudis.”

  2. ‘Far from Dead’: Taliban, Al-Qaeda Remain Tight 18 Years After 9/11 (breitbart, Sep 11, 2019)

    “The Afghanistan-based Taliban and its global jihadi ally al-Qaeda remain formidable and more geographically dispersed today than during any other time since the 9/11 attacks.

    In written testimony prepared for a House Homeland Security Committee hearing Tuesday, Thomas Joscelyn from the Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD) think-tank told lawmakers:

    Al-Qaeda is far from dead. Despite triumphalist claims about the organization’s supposed demise, al-Qaeda is a global terrorist and insurgent organization. Indeed, al- Qaeda’s loyalists are probably fighting in more countries today than ever before.

    Eighteen years after 9/11, al-Qaeda is operating in the Middle East as well as across North Africa and South Asia.

    Despite the heavy losses sustained by the group at the hands of the U.S. military, including the death of its founder, Osama bin Laden, the terrorist group remains strong.

    Last year, the terrorist group boasted the “strongest fighting force in its existence.”

    Joscelyn told the House panel:

    The Islamic State [ISIS/ISIL], al-Qaeda, and allied groups are fighting or operating across an enormous amount of ground, stretching from the remote regions of West Africa, through North and East Africa, into the heart of the Middle East, and all the way into Central and South Asia.

    The FDD expert acknowledged that the Taliban controls and holds sway over more territory now — about half of Afghanistan — than during any other time since 2001.

    U.S. troops removed the Taliban regime from power at the end of 2001, soon after invading Afghanistan in response to the attack on America that year.

    Joscelyn testified:

    The Taliban currently contests or controls more ground than at any time since 9/11. Americans’ frustration with the war effort is well-placed. … A number of regional or international terrorist organizations fight under the Taliban’s banner today, and there is no indication that the Taliban will truly break with them.

    Members of the Taliban and their al-Qaeda counterparts remain tight in Afghanistan, Joscelyn pointed out.

    “The Taliban remains closely allied with al-Qaeda, and this is not likely to change as a result of any [peace] agreement between the U.S. and the Taliban,” he declared.

    Assessments conducted by the United Nations in recent years show that the relationship between the two groups has remained “firm” through the 18 years of the war on terror.

    At the end of June, the U.N. reported, al-Qaeda, “members continue to function routinely as military and religious instructors for the Taliban,” the FDD expert noted.

    Al-Qaeda “considers Afghanistan a continuing safe haven for its leadership, relying on its long-standing and strong relationship with the Taliban leadership,” the international body added.

    In July, the Pentagon reported that al-Qaeda in the Indian Subcontinent (AQIS) in particular is working with the Taliban, noting:

    AQIS routinely supports and works with low-level Taliban in its efforts to undermine the Afghan government, and maintains an enduring interest in attacking U.S. forces and Western targets in the region. AQIS faces continuous [U.S.-led] coalition [counterterrorism] pressure and will focus on ensuring its safe haven remains viable. Additionally, AQIS assists local Taliban in some attacks, according to al-Qa’ida statements.

    AQIS continues to work toward its stated goals of freeing occupied Muslim lands, establishing an Islamic caliphate, and implementing Shar’ia law.

    The Pentagon acknowledged that continued counterterrorism pressure on the al-Qaeda branch has “reduced AQIS’s ability to conduct operations in Afghanistan.”

    Wednesday marks the 18th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attacks on the U.S. homeland, considered the deadliest assault on American soil.

    Al-Qaeda carried out the massacre that killed nearly 3,000 people and wounded an estimated 6,000 others with the support of the Taliban regime that ruled Afghanistan at the time.

    The Taliban government harbored Bin Laden in the years leading up to the massacre, prompting the United States to invade Afghanistan in October 2011 and remove the jihadi government by the end of that year.

    American troops in Afghanistan remain focused on combating the Taliban and al-Qaeda in addition to the other terrorist groups that now call the South Asian country home.

    Over the weekend, U.S. President Donald Trump canceled peace negotiations with the Taliban after nearly a year of talks.

    On Monday, he deemed the negotiations “dead” and indicated that the U.S. had intensified attacks against the Taliban.

    Trump cited an attack by the narco-jihadi group that killed an American service member days after the top U.S. negotiator announced that the negotiations with the Taliban had yielded a deal “in principle.”

    Joscelyn told lawmakers the Taliban is not interested in peace. He urged the U.S. to maintain a residual presence in Afghanistan to prevent local terrorist groups from attacking the United States again.

    President Trump continues to express a desire to pull U.S. troops out of the war-ravaged country. However, he has also conceded that the United States will need to maintain a limited counterterrorism footprint in Afghanistan.

    According to the recent Pentagon assessment of the war, Afghanistan remains home to the “highest regional concentration of terrorist groups in the world,” including a resurgent ISIS.

    The United States has devoted vast amounts of blood and treasure to the overall war on terror.

    Brown University’s Cost of War Project has revealed that the war on terror has come at the cost of nearly $6 trillion, including about $1 trillion in Afghanistan alone.

    The war has also resulted in the loss of up to half a million people, including about 7,000 American troops.

    Terrorists have also maimed an estimated 53,000 other American troops.

    In Afghanistan alone, the likes of the Taliban and al-Qaeda have killed 2,296 U.S. troops and injured 20,543 others.

    Although the U.S. military has thwarted some plots, al-Qaeda or any other terrorist group has failed to conduct another attack inside the American homeland like 9/11.

    While testifying alongside the Joscelyn, Peter Bergen from the New America think-tank acknowledged that al-Qaeda remains a menace in his written remarks. Nevertheless, he added that “the threat to the United States from jihadist terrorism is relatively limited”:

    Al-Qaeda and its breakaway faction, ISIS, have failed to direct a successful attack in the United States since the 9/11 attacks and none of the perpetrators of the 13 lethal jihadist attacks in the United States since those attacks received training from a foreign terrorist group.

    Bergen pointed out that U.S. authorities have charged 479 individuals with jihadist terrorism-related activity in the United States since 9/11.

    He also said that jihadis had killed a total of 104 people in the United States since the heinous attacks.

    Bergen warned that al-Qaeda could merge with its rival ISIS.”

    • Afghanistan is a crazy-quilt of tribes. Parts of Pakistan belong to related tribes. Not amenable to Westphalian diplomacy.
      Taliban are Pastun supremacists. Like Pakistan’s ISI. They’re kin.
      Dealing with them as individual nation-states is Western foolishness. They laugh at us as they play us.

  3. Amy Mek

    Amy’s speech illustrates perfectly how the Muslim interprets attacks that he perpetrates as being an attack against Islam and Muslims rather than an attack perpetrated by them. She is making 9/11 into a sort of Islamophobic Pearl Harbour against Islam rather than a Muslim attack, which is what it actually and obviously was. The minute we begin to understand this principle of Islamic warfare is the minute we begin to defeat these characters…

    Why is it that so many years after 9/11 I seem to still be one of the only Infidels on the planet Earth who has taken the time to read the Holy Quran and understands how their little minds work. We could win this easily if we were just to wise up, but we simply refuse to do the work and learn how Islam works.

    If I was in charge I would first clearly state that the jig was up and I know what they are up to then, I would start whacking top Imams until they came to their senses and agreed to a ten-year truce between the Uma and the West, which would be allowable under Islam. Presto! Problem solved. But we keep doing the exact opposite of what we should be doing and they keep growing as a result of our stupidity. As long as they think they are fooling us they will continue to press onward…

  4. Al-Qaeda Leader Urges Attacks on US, European, Israeli and Russian Targets in 9/11 Speech – Reports (sputniknews, Sep 11, 2019)—reports/

    “The statement came on the same day that the US is commemorating the victims of the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Centre twin towers in New York, which claimed the lives of almost 3,000 people.

    On the 18th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks, the leader of Al-Qaida*, the terrorist group responsible for the notorious terror attack, Ayman al-Zawahri reportedly called on Muslims to carry out new strikes against the US, Russia, Israel, and European states. Al-Zawahri’s statement was published on the website of the SITE Intelligence Group.

    Al-Zawahri, who succeeded Osama Bin Laden, the mastermind of the 9/11 attacks, criticised those jihadis who have “backtracked” on their views and condemned the attack on the World Trade Centre. It’s unclear when and where the video was made, but the Al-Qaida* leader mentions the March 2019 recognition of Israel’s claims to the Golan Heights by the US.

    Earlier in the day, Trump vowed to “never forget” the tragic events of 9/11 and to hit the US “enemy harder than they have ever been hit before”. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu echoed Trump’s remarks, saying that Israel stands together with the US in the “struggle against barbarism and terrorism”.

    The statement comes on the 18th anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy that claimed the lives of almost 3,000 people. On 11 September 2001, a group of 19 al-Qaeda*-linked terrorists hijacked four passenger jets that they later used to ram into the twin towers of the World Trade Centre in New York, leading to their complete destruction, and the Pentagon in Virginia. Another plane crashed into a field on its way to Washington after passengers sought to prevent the terrorists from flying it towards their desired destination.

    *Al-Qaeda is a terrorist organisation banned in Russia and many other countries.”

  5. Loophole Used by 9/11 Hijackers Still Open with 6 Million Visa Overstays in U.S. (breitbart, Sep 11, 2019)

    “There are at least six million illegal aliens who arrived in the United States the same way seven of the 9/11 Islamic terrorist hijackers came to the country: by overstaying a visa.
    All nineteen 9/11 terrorists — who murdered nearly 3,000 Americans and injured more than 6,000 others in 2001 — arrived in the U.S. legally, with 16 obtaining tourist visas and three others obtaining business and tourist visas.

    In total, seven of the 19 terrorists overstayed their visas at some point either before the 9/11 attacks or at the time of the attacks and were supposed to be deported, but never were.

    Those terrorists who overstayed their visas include:

    Hani Hasan Hanjour from Saudi Arabia
    Nawaf al-Hamzi from Saudi Arabia
    Mohamed Atta from Egypt
    Satam al-Suqami from Saudi Arabia
    Waleed al-Shehri from Saudi Arabia
    Marwan al-Shehhi from the United Arab Emirates
    Ahmed al-Ghamdi from Saudi Arabia
    Eighteen years after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the loophole where legal immigrants become illegal aliens after overstaying their visas remains fully open, with at least 4.5 to six million foreign nationals living in the U.S. who should have been deported after their visas expired, according to Pew Research Center.

    In total, there are roughly 11 to 22 million illegal aliens living in the U.S. at any given moment, and more than 1.2 million foreign nationals are legally admitted to the country every year — like all 19 terrorists were.

    Foreign nationals arriving on temporary visas continue to go largely untracked by the federal government despite The 9/11 Commission Report pleading with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to implement a nationwide biometric entry-exit system, which would identify legal immigrants who have overstayed their visas and help in deporting them.

    As of March, there were more than 415,000 illegal aliens in the U.S. who had overstayed their visas. This includes more than 300,000 illegal aliens who arrived in the U.S. from countries that are not part of the Visa Waiver Program, which allows certain nationals to come to the country for up to 90 days without obtaining a visa. In total, 20 foreign countries have visa overstay rates that exceed ten percent.”

  6. On 9/11, Donald Trump Warns Radical Islamic Terrorists Not to Return to America (breitbart, Sep 11, 2019)

    “President Donald Trump on Wednesday warned terrorists not to return to the United States, during a 9/11 commemoration ceremony at the Pentagon.

    The president acknowledged in his commemoration speech that he had peace talks scheduled with the Taliban at Camp David, but called them off after they took responsibility for a suicide bombing in Kabul that killed 12 people, including one American soldier.

    “They thought they would use this attack to show strength, but actually what they showed is an unrelenting weakness,” Trump said.

    He said that in the days since the attack in Kabul, America had escalated attacks against the Taliban as he would continue to fight terrorism.

    “If for any reason, they come back to our country, we will go wherever they are, and use power, the likes of which the United States has never used before,” the president said.

    He clarified that he was not talking about nuclear arms, but vowed retaliation.

    “They will never have seen anything like what will happen to them,” he warned. “No enemy on earth can match the overwhelming strength skill and might of the American armed forces.”

    Watch the entire event below:

    The president also saluted the heroes of the military who continued to fight terrorism overseas.

    “They have crossed seas, climbed mountains, trekked through deserts, and rushed into enemy compounds to face down the threat of radical Islamic terrorism,” he said.

    He recalled the nearly 7,000 service members who have died in the fight against terrorism.

    “We do not seek conflict, but if anyone dares to strike our land, we will respond with the full measure of American power and the iron will of the American spirit, and that spirit is unbreakable,” he said.”

    • Yeah, well…

      We’ve been playing paddy-cake with people who want us DEAD.
      An invitation to Camp David for Taliban within days of Sept.11 is SUBMISSION.
      Clueless about this culture. Try reading regional media, their MSM. Rand Paul and Tucker Carlson won’t cut it.

      • The left has sabatoged out educational system, intelligence services and out military to the point that they aren’t allowed to do teach or research what the enemy thinks. This is why I keep predicting total chaos in all Western Nations, the difference between me and many others is that I don’t see the Europeans, Canadians and Americans setting back and surrendering once the chaos starts. I see all of the above fighting back and slowly organizing to the point they win and the invaders are driven into the sea. This won’t happen quickly and it will be very bloody but in the long run the good guys will win.

  7. That Hodan Hasan POS from Somalia forgets to mention that America still allowed Mohammedans to spread their filth in the U.S., that America ‘elected’ a Barry Soetoro aka Hussein Obama, a subversive POS for president eight years after 9/11, a rat who flooded the country with Mohammedans and gave aid & comfort to the enemy during his disastrous reign.

    No, we don’t need another study on the psychology of the Musulman, we need to get rid of the scourge!

  8. Danny Lewin H’yd: The very first victim of 9/11

    Danny Lewin, veteran of the IDF’s elite commando team, outstanding graduate of Israel’s Technion and MIT PhD student at MIT will be forever remembered for his attempt to prevent the hijacking of Flight 11, becoming the very first victim of 9/11.

    On the morning of September 11, 2001, Danny Lewin boarded American Airlines Flight No. 11 in Boston, expecting to reach Los Angeles. Instead, the flight was hijacked and commandeered by Arab terrorists, crashing into the North Tower of the World Trade Center. On that fateful flight, Danny Lewin became the very first victim of the largest terrorist attack in history in which almost 3,000 Americans died. An internal memorandum of the Federal Aviation Administration says “that in the course of a struggle that took place between Lewin, a graduate of Israel’s elite commando unit, Sayeret Matkal, and the four hijackers who were assaulting that cockpit, Lewin was murdered by Satam Al Suqami, a 25-year-old Saudi.”

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