Hong Kong videos and news

Petrol bombs and water cannons as Hong Kong descends into violence once again

Hong Kong: Protesters hurl firebombs as police fire rubber bullets at banned rally

A Saturday night of chaos in the streets of Hong Kong

Fires in the street in Hong Kong protest

Police brutality

Moses of Hong Kong:

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Barricade burnt as Hong Kong protests heat up (English narration)

Hong Kong police storm Mong Kok MTR station

Protestors start fire near Police HQ

Police in Hong Kong lay beatings on people in a subway station


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  1. Pay close attention to what is happening in Hong Kong, there is a chance (I don’t know how good a chance) that the protests will spread to the Mainland cities. The demands from the Minaland cities will be different but (if they occur) there is a very big chance that they will cause the Communist Government to collapse.

    Another reason to pay attention to the chaos is that the far left wants their militias to bring chaos like that to all of the cities in the Western Nations. The difference will be the way the protesters in our nations will be more violent and will use firearms against those who oppose them.

    • Sorry but China won’t fail. Besides you must think this is organic. It’s no different than Ukraine. Someone is funding it to make money. If it wasn’t successful in France what makes you think it’ll work in China?

      • The Chinese economy is very shaky, this combined with the social pressure from the mainland citizens makes for a possilbe collapse of the CCP. If China uses too much force in Hong Kong the world reacts by withdrawing their business and putting sanctions on, the economy collapses and the CCP loses power. If they use too little force the protests spread to various areas on the mainland and the Chinese economy takes more hits. The CCP may survive the second scenario but it will be difficult. Remember China is an expost economy and if we don’t buy their economy suffers, if a lot of the rest of the world stops buying their economy crashes. They survived Tiananmen Square because they weren’t very involved in the worlds economy, now they are.

        I am not the only one that is saying this Gordon Chang is saying the same thing as are a whole bunch of others. Also the Chinese banking system (the CCP pwns 51% or more of all banks in the mainland) have a bad debt of about twice their GDB. (Yes I know the US owes a lot of money but that debt is not in the bad debt column, not yet anyway). Most if of that money is owed by high ranking members of the CCP, they borrowed the money, smuggled it out of China to the West and sent family members over here to oversee the investments. When the Chinese economy starts shaking real bad that bad debt will be an anchor around their necks that will probably sink them. Its not a given but it is close to being a given.

      • You may be right but all of recent actions of the CCP say other wise. China over extended during the Obama years thinking that the weak policies of Obama would continue during the next administration. Since Hillary didn’t win China is facing a US President that will fight back, and China needs us buying in order to keep their economy going. We aren’t buying near as much as we did before the tariffs were placed on their goods.

        Then there are the ports that they were allowed to take over, Indonesia kicked China out of the port they took over there and China is no longer making money there.

        The HSBC scandal shut down China’s access to large amounts of US dollars, they have to pay for their foreign purchases in US dollars. This means they are dependent on the US for the money they need to pay their bills. This weakens their economy.

        The artificial Islands cost a lot of money to build and even more to arm, China has stopped putting weapons on them after the first one was armed.

        China has admitted that their economy is in a down turn, their figures are as fake as the ones that said their economy was doing good. If they are will to admit to a downturn they are probably in a major recession.

        The banks in China are setting on bad debt (debt that will never be repaid) that equals at a minimum twice their GDP, this amount of ordinary debt would be troubling but bad debt of this level is in the panic levels. (Don’t start the argument that the US has a lot of debt, we are talking about bad debt comparing it to the US debt is comparing apples and oranges and saying they are the same thing.)

        Since the start of the protests the Banks and investment houses in Hong Kong have moved all of their liquid assets not just out of Hong Kong but out of Asia.

        China has moved the combat MPs to Shenzhen but held them there, this means they are worried about international reactions (sanctions) if they move the MPs into Hong Kong.

        All of the above and much more say that China is worried about economic sanctions because their economy is shaky. They are probably as shaky as the USSR was 6 months before it collapsed and ended communist rule in Russia.

        When you are analyzing what what a nations economy is doing you look at a lot of things and when you are dealing with Dictatorships and Oligarchies you ignore what they say the economy is doing since all Dictatorships and Oligarchies lie about what is happening.

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