German communists blame Jair Bolsinaro for forest fires in Brazil, but silent on African fires much worse

Correction: The speaker who says that the German government “should stay silent” in fact says: “The German government SHOULD’NT stay silent.” Which is more consistent with the whole video in fact.

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This is from the same event as the video below. Possibly organized by Die Linke, a formerly East German communist group with connections to the Stasi, but now has seats in the actual parliament of Germany.

It is hard to believe that members of a sitting political party would speak of another party as the chairwoman of Die Linke does in the video in the post below.

In this one, it is the usual dialectic scam where the only non-communist leader in Latin America is blamed for a totally normal forest fire in Brazil, while they ignore the much more serious fires in Africa. More proof that “with leftists, the issue is never the issue”.

In other words, they don’t give a damn about giant jungle fires. They just hope it will burn any non-leftists they can torch with them.

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2 Replies to “German communists blame Jair Bolsinaro for forest fires in Brazil, but silent on African fires much worse”

  1. Most of the fires in the Amazon aren’t in the Jungle, they are small farmers burning the stubble in the fields to help prepare it for the new planting. We use to use this method in North America until we developed easier and safer methods to fertilize the fields. Plus while this does release a lot of nutrients from the grass and stubble it isn’t near as good a fertilizer as manure or chemical fertilizers.

  2. The SED(later called PDS and now DIE LINKE)had not only connections,they ruled and sayed what the Stasi had to do!This was also killing of Enemys of the State-also in other Countries.

    They also X-Rayed peoples Head when they didnt knew(Sit here and wait…)years laater they became cancer!

    Also many Punks vote for DIE LINKE today,but in East Germany all Punks where against the SED state and they were oppressed and beaten by the police.How can you be so stupid?

    ps:For the Punks-Capitalists/Consercativts/Rightwingers never forbid Punk,only Socialists and Muslims did and do it!

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