Black man in NYC arrested for hate crimes and assault against White people

(I would bet odds that there will nene no conviction and certainly no sentence of any kind if convicted. Maybe house arrest or probation or something. But nothing like the reverse race situation would get.)

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6 Replies to “Black man in NYC arrested for hate crimes and assault against White people”

  1. All of the nations that used to make up Western Civilization are headed to societal collapse, the left had destroyed Western Civilization and we are headed into the chaos that is created when civilizations and societies collapse. One of the things that happen is that people revert to tribalism in order to survive, the question we all need to be asking is what will be the deciding factor determining which tribe you belong to? Will it be ethnicity? Ideology? Theology? Or will it be some mixture of the three? Of equal importance will be what will the economy be based on? I doubt if the worlds economy will be based on some feit currency and this includes the crypto currencies, they are fiet currencies that aren’t backed by any government. I also doubt if the cashless society idea will survive for long in the coming world.

  2. If you think about it hasn’t the main American black leader, The Reverend Al Sharpton, been telling black people for years that white people are always out to get them and are the primary reason for every bad thing that exists in their lives? When AOC refers to “colonialism” does she not mean “white” and is she not speaking with complete hatred? Didn’t Auntie Maxine literally instruct her followers to attack members of the Old White Men Party if you find them eating in a restaurant or whatever?

    Don’t you remember Barack Obama and his family sitting there in the front row nodding and smiling as The Reverend Jeremiah Wright held forth about the “White man” and what a relentless bastard he is? The black kid in the video is just doing what his better-educated better-connected superiors are telling him to do – nothing more. The Democrats genuinely desire a full-scale bloody race war and there’s nothing we can do about that…

  3. The left started indoctrinating black kids to hate whites back in the 60s if not earlier we are now paying the price for letting them have that much time to build their organizations of hate.

    In a rational world Reverend Wrights sermons wouyld have been front page news through out the entire 2008 campaign. Unfortunatly we don’t live in a rational world.

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