Russians used nuclear powered missile, Epstein and more: Links 1, Aug. 10, 2019

1. Seems that the Russian missile explosion is much more significant and important than they made it appear. Which is a surprise to no one.

Kursk anyone?

1. U.S.-based experts suspect Russia blast involved nuclear-powered missile

Two experts said in separate interviews with Reuters that a liquid rocket propellant explosion would not release radiation.


They said that they suspected the explosion and the radiation release resulted from a mishap during the testing of a nuclear-powered cruise missile at a facility outside the village of Nyonoksa.


“Liquid fuel missile engines exploding do not give off radiation, and we know that the Russians are working on some kind of nuclear propulsion for a cruise missile,” said Ankit Panda, an adjunct senior fellow with the Federation of American Scientists.


Russia calls the missile the 9M730 Buresvestnik. The NATO alliance has designated it the SSC-X-9 Skyfall.

Related: US experimented with this tech decades ago

2. Explosion near Copenhagen Police Station!

A blast struck close by to a mobile police station in Copenhagen on Saturday, according to reports citing police officials. Nobody was injured in the explosion, according to the reports.

The incident occured in the Norrebro district, close to the city centre.

The blast follows an explosion outside the Tax Agency office in the Danish capital on Tuesday, which injured one person.

(No one killed in Sweden and Denmark suggests not muslims. Possibly leftists or their misnamed sidekicks, anarchists. Note: This is the SECOND explosion in Copenhagen this week!)

(Add this to the City Hall explosions in Sweden and a pattern begins to emerge.)

3. This meme is said to be from two years ago. I have not checked this yet.

4. Photos of Epstein’s body being wheeled to somewhere.

5. An interesting thought re the potential set of trials to spin off the death of Epstein:

6. Its nice to see somethings don’t change. More police brutality against Yellow Vest Protestors in Paris:

7. Comment from someone claiming to be a prison guard who has done prison suicide watches.

8. Germany: Car of AfD politician torched deliberately in Krefeld

In the early hours of Friday night, the car of an AfD party official was set ablaze in Krefeld, Germany.

Police were alerted to the situation on Germania street in the district of Bockum around 1:50 am on Friday. When emergency services reached the scene, the engine compartment of the car was engulfed in flames while the front part of the vehicle was completed melted.


In addition to destroying the grey BMW, the flames also damaged another car that was parked nearby.

Witnesses say that they noticed a suspicious man in a hooded sweatshirt, who upon being noticed, ducked behind a car and fled the scene.

The suspect is described as tall and has a broad physique. According to witnesses, he was wearing dark clothes and a hoodie, with hood drawn in the face.

(The selective enforcement of the law, allowing people to commit criminal and violent acts against the AfD, a classically liberal party in Germany who stands against the communist wave coming from the coalition of the main 2 parties in Germany, is truly horrifying. The law has become so distorted its essentially in a fairground house of mirrors at this point.)

9. Three Belgian Women Flee Morocco Over Alleged Beheading Threats

(Imagine if the Western government-media complex had their way and information on the two women decapitated by muslims in the name of islam had not been circulated, mostly by sites like this one. These three women would simply have not had the information they needed to make a healthy decision in their own interests. And that, has been the plan all along one must suspect.)

The young women were part of a group of 37 people on a summer volunteer project in a small Moroccan village. The reported calls to have them decapitated brought back to the spotlight the brutal assassination of two Scandinavian tourists by suspected Moroccan jihadists late last year.


Three Belgian girls will return home from volunteer work in Morocco after a local primary school teacher allegedly threatened to behead them for wearing shorts, local media reported.


The man purportedly wanted to “teach a lesson to those who do not respect the Muslim faith”, therefore he ostensibly called for the women to have their “heads cut off” on social media.


Moroccan police have confirmed that the suspect was arrested on Monday and will be prosecuted for “incitement to terrorist acts”.

10. Suicide of Epstein, highly unlikely:

Thank you all who contributed today so far. As you can imagine Im sure, there is a lot to go through today. Please check back in later.

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  1. 1 – I don’t know why this surprises me, a nuclear powered hypersonic missile would be a nasty weapon to counter. It could be done but would require an antiaircraft system in depth. A Rods From God weapon would make more sense.

    Epstein – There are all sorts of rumors including he was taken off of suicide watch and that the camera system suffered a glitch. I posted one video that is saying they think his death was faked to get him to a safe location.

    8 – The US and Canada haven’t reached this depth of corruption, not yet anyway. We are headed in that direction and will reach it at some point in the near future.

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