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6 Replies to “ANTIFA attempt to intimidate and terrorize Patriots in Providence”

  1. Antifa is punching way outside of its weight class, I wonder if any of the antifa dweebs realize that they are still capable of walking because the police were there to protect them?

  2. because of the same leftie scum germany forbbid masks at demonstrations and everything that can be used as a wepoan,even steelcap boots and teeth protection.

  3. I think Antifa is a gift of hostile foreign intelligence apparatuses planted among us in order to make our democratic system of governance look as bad as possible so the Chinese and the Iranian People won’t be tempted into demanding democracy and being like us. Who knows what they’ve done to keep the police from taking away their masks and their clubs and their pepper spray. The enemy has unlimited financial resources and unlimited tactical expertise and they are indeed succeeding in making democracy look very bad.

    These are the same communists who did “Occupy Wall Street” and the same assholes who used to call themselves “Black Block”. Somebody who doesn’t like us very much is paying for their beer and pot and then putting suggestions in their ears…

    • I won’t say you are wrong about foreign intel funding antifa, I will say that most of the money is coming from Soros and his left wing billionaire group.

      You are wrong about the purpose of antifa, they are meant to create so much chaos that the Western nations are ungovernable and the radical left can try to take over as the strongmen that will protect the people. If you read what the radical left writes they end up telling us that their goals are.

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