Geopolitics and the consequences of islamic invasion: Links 1, July 25, 2019

1. Britain sends warships to escort tankers the strategic Strait of Hormuz

(I guess this means we get to see if Iranian tech will defeat British military tech. I am ashamed to say which way I would bet at this juncture.)

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates – Britain has begun sending navy ships to accompany vessels traveling through the narrow Strait of Hormuz following the seizure of a British-flagged tanker by Iranian forces.


In a statement, Britain’s Department of Defense said that “the Royal Navy has been tasked to accompany British-flagged ships through the Strait of Hormuz, either individually or in groups, should sufficient notice be given of their passage.”


HMS Montrose, a Royal Navy Type 23 frigate, became the first navy ship to offer an escort overnight on Wednesday into Thursday in the narrow waterway, Sky News reported on Thursday, citing shipping industry sources.

Britain made the decision just days after the seizure of the Stena Impero by Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps, a British-flagged tanker, as it as it passed through the Strait of Hormuz on Friday.

Iran subsequently claimed that the Stena Impero was passing through the wrong channels of the strait and had also turned off its signals for longer than allowed.

However, the seizure was widely interpreted as a tit-for-tat measure in response to British marines taking part in the seizure of an Iranian-flagged tanker near Gibraltar, a British overseas territory off the coast of Spain.

2. Has anyone noticed the sudden heavy pressure on Youtube and other platforms to push non-meat based quasi food stuffs on us? It seems every advert on Youtube is for plant based meat substitute. Its now like turning on Netflix and knowing no matter what the show is about, you will have to watch two men kissing on it, along with a bunch of other counter-Western values forced down our throats.

At least some US states are demanding truth in advertising on this. Which means who the hell knows what is in Canadian food.

I wonder if this means that the only way to make sure you are getting actual meat soon, is if its certified Kosher or halal. From New Atlas:

For the last few years a cold war has been brewing in the world of food-labeling. Sensing the oncoming market disruption from alternative and plant-based meat substitutes, traditional meat-producing industries have been lobbying to pass laws regulating what can, or cannot, be called meat. The mission has so far been reasonably successful, with a number of US states passing laws limiting certain terminology to highly specific sources.

At the start of July, for example, the state of Mississippi instituted a new lawstating, “any food product containing cell-cultured animal tissue or plant-based or insect-based food shall not be labeled meat or as a meat product.”


The law was not as simple as disallowing plant-based products from being called meat but more broadly included meat-related terms. So now, in the state of Mississippi, you cannot call a “veggie burger” a burger.


Arkansas is another state pushing through new food labeling laws. Republican David Hillman is one of the primary sponsors of the Arkansas bill, which was passed earlier in 2019, but only goes into effect later this month. Hillman suggests the fundamental goal of the new law is to protect consumers from products with intentionally misleading labels.

The act, subsequently titled “An Act to Require Truth in Labeling of Agricultural Products That Are Edible by Humans,” is perhaps the most extraordinarily far-reaching food-labeling law in this new wave of pro-animal product regulations. The Arkansas law doesn’t just cover animal-based meat products, but also includes all dairy, horticultural, viticultural, and even bee-related, products. So technically, the new Arkansas regulation outlaws every kind of milk that doesn’t come from an animal, and even goes so far as to include vegetable-based grain alternatives, such as cauliflower rice.

(One can be fairly sure that what they mean is,  you cannot call it milk if it doesn’t come from an animal with a mammary gland. If its from soy, its juice.)

3. ROCKET MAN North Korea launches two ‘short-range missiles’ in show of defiance to Donald Trump

KIM Jong-un tonight launched two short-range military missiles in a shocking show of defiance to Donald Trump.

Military leaders in neighbouring South Korea say the surprise launch took place in the Wonsan region in east of the rogue state.

Both projectiles travelled around 270 miles before falling into the Sea of Japan – also known as the East Sea –  say reports from the troubled region.

It is the first missile test reported since President Trump and North Korean leader met at the demilitarised zone (DMZ) between the two Koreas at the end of June.

The White House, Pentagon and US State Department did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

However, the joint chiefs said South Korean and US militaries were reportedly analysing details of the launches.

(How do they know it was in defiance of Donald Trump if they don’t know anything else about it?)

4. Islam explains its violence towards when who are disobedient to men’s Islamic demands

5. Canada defines ‘Islamaphobia’ at cost of $45 million

A sweeping new education program targeting Canada’s citizens is nothing less than pro-Islamic indoctrination, says a longtime conservative activist.


Canada’s federal government plans to allocate $45 million to fight “systemic discrimination through community programs, public education campaigns and combating online hate,” according to The National Post.


The news story, published last month, downplays the government’s defense of Islam and inevitable punishment of its critics, even though “Islamaphobia” is cited in the story as a legal definition borrowed from the Ontario Human Rights Commission.

In other words, Canada is coming after the “haters.” 

6. Migrant doctors in German hospitals can’t read or write, Muslim student nurses don’t want to work – many patients have already died because of this

On top of doctors who cannot read: …

The young woman further reported that at least one knife victim had been brought in every weekend during the last six months, and that there were knife attacks among each other.


The immigrants were also aggressively demanding, impudent, rude and disrespectful. The situation as a whole was intolerable. All those who come are without exception infectious, partly contagious. They would be unkempt, partly covered with abscesses and scabies, which is still the most harmless of the proven diseases.


The nursing staff isolate them immediately and only enter the sickrooms with protective clothing. The entire hospital staff had been sworn to secrecy.Moreover, there would only be Muslim nursing students there who would not and do not want to work, but who would know and enforce their rights as soon as they were criticized or asked to work.When I asked her if she thought that something would change when patients died because of the doctors’ lack of language skills and medical expertise … .. she replied that patients had already died but nobody noticed what was going on.

Thank you M., Richard, SB., AM., Searchlight, Wrath of Khan and all who sent in materials today so far.


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  1. 2 – I get most of my red meat from deer I shoot and fish from the ponds, lakes and rivers around here. sometimes i have to buy meat but not often.

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