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7 Replies to “Tom Quiggin, Maxime Bernier, and Tarek Fatah on immigration, Islam, and integration”

  1. Under free speech we have active in Canada:
    Palestine Committee
    Muslim Student Association
    Dar An-Hijrah
    Islamic teaching Center
    Occupied Land Fund
    And M-103

    • If you listen to Tarik Fatah, he mentions Ralph and the Danforth shooter. I remember Goodale telling the Canadian public “Don’t draw any conclusions”. At that moment enough time had passed that I had no doubt he knew who the shooter was. As Public Safety Minister and Emergency Preparedness why did he not share with the Canadian a little more information, considering he must have know Faisal Hussain’s Brother, months earlier suffered an over-dose and has been in a coma ever since.
      Faisal Hussain’s (the Danforth shooter) brother was also found with 42 kilos of carfentanil and 31 high-end, identical hand guns.
      So months later when the shooting took place why did the PUBLIC SAFETY Minister tell Canadians “Don’t draw any conclusions”?
      Did he know at that moment there was known terror threat to Canadians, and why were we told the shooter’s name days later.

      Jan, as a long time Conservative, I say to you the jury is still out on whether he will succeed or not. More and more Canadians are commenting on the amount of money Trudeau has given to Iqra Khalid and Islamic groups in Canada and more Canadians are learning Iqra Khalid introduced M-103 and all the Liberals and NDP supported this motion. Max just needs to keep telling it like it is, Canadians are listening. I for one am paying VERY close attention to what Sheer and Bernier are saying. Canada is a wonderful country, well worth fighting for.

      • Danforth shooting survivor says she still feels sorry for the gunman.

        …. says she still feels sorry for the gunman and it was clear he needed help.

      • Danforth shooting survivor’s family works to ban handguns

        Samantha Price was shot and injured during Toronto’s Danforth shooting one year ago. Since then, her parents have been pushing to get assault weapons and handguns banned from private ownership. Melanie Ng spoke with them about their efforts.

      • What has changed since the Danforth shooting a year ago?

        Gun laws are still a hot topic but will there be the controversial ban on all handguns like discussed?

    • On Danforth shooting anniversary, Tory says the city still faces gun violence issues

      …what it’s been like to be a leader in the city in the face of such tragedy.

  2. Canada is infected beyond belief.
    I will vote for Bernier but there is too much pollution of intellect for him to succeed,

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