Russian security bust islamic cell planning to crash two high speed trains into each other

And the terrorist’s concern is who will look after his kids while he is in prison. A stunning question for someone planning to murder hundreds of people, most of whom had kids or are kids.

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  1. “…I assure you there is enough evidence…,” said the police spokeswoman.

    I’m assured that there was, then. It doesn’t serve the state to squander resources on chasing fabricated criminals and their crimes. Sugar-coating muslim, or any nefarious actors’ activities, helps no one. Therein lies the rub. West of the old Iron Curtain crimes of Islam are hidden and reported only whence the cat is leaving the proverbial bag. God help the poor sucker who states the obvious nowadays. Criminals are shielded–if not paid $10 m for their crimes–in Dystopia. You know the score so breath be saved.

    My point is that every Russian bust story shows, in clear contrast to Dystopian norms, how a society deals with crime in the absence of the postmodern disease. And before all of you state-sponsored defense lawyers have a fit over how corrupt and undemocratic Russia is, and how these guys aren’t getting their due process, or how would I feel if I were on the wrong end of the legal stick, save it. Because so long as state-sponsored selective enforcement continues in the West, enabled by state-sponsored lawyers, we won’t be better off than the Russians for very long. As Eeyore is wont to say, selective enforcement is the thing. Because of this the limits of the tyranny we face in our current climate are not yet known, while Russians know exactly where they stand. They’ve already slid down that slippery slope of communism. They know what Putin is. They trudge back up their bloody hill again because, well, that’s life and they know struggle.

    Unlike the Russians, we slip-slide away fattened and fully demoralized. Our hill is greased with gender fluid. Our descent accelerates while our rainbow jihabs flap like slave flags in the breeze. “Weeeeee!” shout the commies in militant delight like kids on a toboggan.

    This die is now cast. Our legal systems lymp along with one legacy leg left strong from the brilliant civilization we built, the other crippled by activists in power positions. But those activists–those judges, lawyers, teachers and government-fed deconstructionists of all stripes, will stop once their paycheques stop.

    The pending debt reconciliation facing the West will be both a curse and a blessing. Many will suffer financially. The bulk of those, however, will be those most reliant on government hand-outs. For pensioners who’ve fulfilled their societal duties I hope for the best. For the rest who are parasites I bid you good riddance.

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