CS gas released on Oxford Station subway: Links 1, July 20, 2019

1. OANN has a look at ANTIFA

2. Here is a story half told. An Egyptian-Moroccan married couple violated several aircraft safety protocols and were politely asked to remove bags from the emergency door, and go to their proper seats. They refused and resisted leaving the aircraft and were taken off forcibly to the screaming and protests of women and children etc. The English in this article is awful but one gets the sense there is more to this story despite the total sympathy with the uncooperative passenger.

3. Britain Says Iran Seizes Two Oil Tankers In Gulf, Iran Says Captured One

LONDON/DUBAI (Reuters) – Britain said Iran seized two oil tankers in the Gulf on Friday and told Tehran to return the vessels or face consequences in the latest confrontation to ratchet up tension along a vital international oil shipping route.


Iran’s Revolutionary Guards said they had captured the British-flagged Stena Impero, announcing the move two weeks after the British navy seized an Iranian tanker in Gibraltar.


Iran’s semi-official Tasnim news agency said the second vessel, the British-operated Mesdar, had not been seized. It said the ship had been allowed to continue its course after being given a warning over safety and environmental issues.

The Stena Impero and Mesdar changed direction sharply within 40 minutes of each other shortly after entering the Gulf through the Strait of Hormuz, taking up a course toward Iran, Refinitiv tracking data showed.

4. Italy: Prosecutors to Charge Another Migrant Transport NGO

Italian prosecutors have requested an indictment against members of the migrant transport NGO Proactiva Open Arms, arguing that two senior members of the group are involved in aiding illegal migration.

Prosecutor Fabio D’Anna and the deputy Santo Fornasier have requested indictments against Marc Reig Creus and the head of the NGO’s mission Ana Isabel Mier on the grounds that they aided illegal immigration in March last year, Il Giornalereports.


The NGO is accused of ignoring orders to proceed to Malta and docking at an Italian port instead. The prosecutor alleged that as a result of their actions, the Italian state had become a victim of aggression aimed at “promoting illegal migration”.


Recordings made with GoPro cameras also showed crew members shouting “Let’s go to Italy!” and “We are going to Italy” when they reached the migrant vessel and welcomed migrants aboard their ship.

5. Maxime Bernier retweeted this. That is a very good sign for the PPC. It means they are the only modernist party in Canada, while the rest have all succumbed to Postmodernism. And as a presser with Salim Mansur, the dar skinned Indian origin newest candidate to join the PPC was attacked by ANTIFA to the point that he had to change venues to a secret one shows, the other parties like to use commie thugs for minor advantage. Either ANTIFA is now working also for the Conservative party, as it was they who rejected Mansur, or the Conservative party is now so far left ANTIFA works in their interests as well as the Trudeau Liberals.

6. ‘CS gas’ released on London Underground as police search for two men

Police are looking for two men after gas was released on a Tube train in London.

People were treated at the scene for coughing and lack of breath, police said.


Their symptoms suggest the gas is CS gas. There is no further concern for their health.

The incident happened at Oxford Circus.

British Transport Police received reports of the incident at 9.13am this morning, and have released CCTV images.

7. Ouch! Father of Rashida Tlaib says she lied about where she lived to get elected

The father of U.S. Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) said that his daughter lied about where she lived in order to get elected.

Tlaib’s father Harbi Elabed made the accusation during a March 2010 interview with The Detroit News.


The newspaper article was scrubbed from the internet when The Detroit News migrated to a new website but was available in a subscription-based digital archive, according to the Daily Wire, a conservative news outlet that uncovered the article.

8. Here is something you see far more often than you used to.

9. Spanish police arrests two of the most wanted and dangerous “Swedes” in Málaga

A policeman who was off duty has managed to arrest two of Sweden’s most wanted and dangerous fugitives. The event took place in a shopping centre in Málaga, Andalusia, Southern Spain.

[…] The fugitives, according to data of the judicial requisition, are related to the kidnapping and torture during three days of a person in Sweden in February of this year. The brothers allegedly injured the victim with a drilling machine and caused serious injuries, with the intention of obtaining their banking passwords and operating with them. Both have extensive criminal backgrounds in ‘their’ country.

10. One of many good examples of the islamization of Western nations.

The story: Cow slaughtered in Home Depot parking lot after escaping meat market

A young cow escaped slaughter at a Connecticut meat market — only to have its throat slit in public in Home Depot parking lot, according to a new report.


The gory scene prompted the closure of the Saba meat store in Bloomfield, which kept livestock on its premises to be prepared in accordance with Islamic law, NBC Connecticut reported.


The cow dashed out of Saba on Saturday and ran across the street to the hardware store — with employee Badr Musaed and a contractor Andy Morrison hot on its trail.

Morrison, who was doing renovation work at the meat store and was armed with a bow and arrow, tried to help Musaed corral the cow while the local police also responded.

Dash camera footage obtained by NBC shows the officer trying to box the bovine in with his cruiser — and Morrison attempting to shoot it with his weapon.


“As the cow ran towards the employees, Morrison shot at the cow, however he missed and the arrow struck the wall of the Home Depot,” the police report said.

Suddenly, Musaed whipped out a foot-long knife and slit the cow’s throat as other Saba employees wrangled the animal.


11. Here is another link to the story about how a woman who dared say 2+2=4 was stripped of her career and accomplishments.

Thank you C., Richard, M., SB., Wrath of Khan, PC., and many more who have been contributing now, and this week to our mutual enlightenment.

This is very good

And this is a section of page 10 of the book, Witness, by Whitaker Chambers. Remember that this book was written in or before the 1950s. And by “Washington apparatus” he means Communist and Soviet operatives in DC.

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  1. 5 – Jessica Yaniv is stunning and brave, and sher’s tiara says she slays. Should join the Squad to make it more diverse.

  2. 10 What a bunch of retards.

    What struck me most was the crossbow. Do they have one laying around that slaughterhouse? Why?

    Also, the very idea that you could kill a cow with a crossbow is laughable. The animal will panic, if you manage to hit it at all. And at best you’ll draw blood, it’s not as if it’ll drop dead on the spot.

  3. #5 It’s worth clicking through to the National Post article. Just a taste: “Twitter is the slop pail of political correctness.”
    In another article I read about this trial one of the women was asked if she would give the trans a haircut to which she said yes. The inquisitor said “so you would cut her hair but not perform a waxing service. Why is that?” To which the woman replied… “Because HE doesn’t have a penis on his head!”

  4. Yes the chaotic state of the world is part of the plan that the left has been working towards for a long time, they hope to ride the chaos into total control of the world. They have succeed in destroying Western Civilization and are trying to destroy the foundations of that civilization and culture. but are meeting resistance on all fronts. The rise of the patriotic center right has been much stronger then the left expected and they are discovering that while many of the people in the Western Nations are receptive to the socialist programs but are against the destruction of their cultures and nations. This unexpected roadblock has thrown the lefts plans in disarray around the world, and the one shining light at the end of the tunnel that says freedom is going to survive in this world.

    • 1 – This ties in with the mini rant above, this is part of the plan to destroy the West, a plan that has semi succeeded but the forces of freedom can still win if they continue to fight. Always remember that you win wars by destroying the enemies will to resist. As long as we keep fighting they lose so don’t stop fighting we can’t lose, the left is going to do all it can to make you think that they have won and that there is no hope for victory.

      Having said that Fight, Damn It Fight surrender is not an option, Fight.

  5. 6 – How long will it be before the agent released is some lethal chemical agent, or worse yet some highly contagious bio weapon? We are entering into the kinetic stage of the Islamic Invasion and the leftist coup attempt against all Western Nations. This stage is going to be very bloody and if we can find enough people who are willing to fight will last much longer then the enemies of freedom this is possible. We are being forced to relearn the lessons on how to fight like a barbarian that we thought we had left behind, Civilization is dead and the laws of war are in the intensive care ward. We must learn to ditch the rules the left pushed us into to weaken us and eliminate any chance of victory. We need to return to the rules that let us win WWII and discard the rest.

  6. 2

    Monster scandal, followed by security officers’ intervention on a Tarom plane that was scheduled to take off from Bucharest Thursday to Cairo. Everything would have started after a woman of Arabic origin who did not speak English would have refused to move out of the emergency exit and locked the luggage area. At one point, the woman spit out a crew member, which is why the commander decided to land the woman. More than 150 passengers witnessed the moment a family was brutally evacuated from a plane after a Moroccan passenger spit out a flight attendant and then refused to leave the plane. The family sat in the seats beside the emergency door, although they had no tickets there. When asked to move to their places, the passenger became aggressive.
    On the plane, I realized that a lady sitting next to an emergency exit who did not speak English did not understand or wanted to receive instructions on emergency exit rules. A few minutes later, security came, asked for his passport, and asked him to leave the aircraft, saying it was the captain’s decision, “tells Viorica Hagagg, one of the passengers of the race.
    The conflict escalated after the woman’s partner came in, who was taken up from the chair she refused to release. There are screaming in the background, and a few children began to cry. In trouble, a woman was hurt and faint, requiring the intervention of the rescue crews.

    • I’ve only seen an arrest on landing. The Captain asked everyone to remain seated, and 4 or 5 soccer players were escorted out of the plane. They had been standing and talking in the aisle while we were in flight, even after being directed to be seated. I can’t recall who did the escorting. I can’t recall if this was before or after 9-11. This all happened in the US. I’m under the impression that not listening to the Captain is a Federal matter — perhaps this is part of the airline spiel (talk before taking off). I kind of felt bad at the time for the guys as they were foreign and had no clue that there would be a consequence for doing what was probably acceptable elsewhere.

      Re the video: I wouldn’t be happy flying with anyone who is under the mis-impression that there is a democracy inside an airplane. Hand-cuffs for the lot of them!

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