Blind dog Vs. (probably) Muslims in BC Canada

A blind man with a guide dog is taking a gas station to court over refusal to allow in his guide dog.

The Human Rights Commissions is of course, a Marxist organization that uses politically correct poker to decide who wins any given case, where muslims are pretty much a royal flush. And we are guessing that the gas station is owned and operated by muslims, which is typically why businesses run into problems with guide dogs.

A white blind man with a dog doesn’t stand a chance against muslims who just hate dogs on a scriptural basis but can pretend its about a health code, even though guide dogs are exempt. So for those taking bets, do not bet on the blind man.

We have seen this often on busses and other islamic operations where they refuse to take dogs or liquor etc. Sharia uber alles but usually by another name. Insultingly, that name is ‘human rights’.

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  1. In the Wild West,
    Horse-ride to bar
    Tie up your carriage
    Wherever you are.

    Unfold your Cane
    Find door ajar
    Dog-bays for parking
    Like those with a car.

    Stores have a guide
    In their bazaar
    Prices and sell-bys
    And tell you how far.

    Call a taxi
    Bus, plane, boxcar
    Mention the wheelchair
    To sort your streetcar.

    A dog’s a dog
    Canine radar
    Blind Person’s Best Friend
    Not your Avatar.

    (allah akbar)
    ‘fraid to be mounted
    The Dhimmis’ lodestar.

  2. Do you want to know why Muhammad hated dogs?

    Dogs can sense their masters’ feelings and they would have seen that their masters, though smiling and acting friendly, would be stricken with fear whenever Muhammad and his big friend Hamza came into the tent. Big Mo simply got tired of seeing loyal dogs growling with their hair standing on end as they revealed to the room the true nature of his prophecy and the mercy of his god, “Allah”…

    Remember, Muhammad was a mob-boss and the last thing He needed was your rottweiler leaping at his throat while Hamza is chopping off your hand and opposite foot for the crime of pissing The Messenger off…

    I’ll bet Richard Kuklinski (“The Iceman”) and Sammy (“The Bull”) Gravano weren’t too crazy about dogs either…

  3. This happened in Kamloops, BC. The blind man involved, Ben Fulton, wasn’t even local – but from Toronto – so there were additional reasons why his guide dog was important, not being on familiar territory.

    He was on a road trip with a friend to celebrate graduating law school.

    One of the most disturbing aspects of this story is the fact that when RCMP officers showed up instead of defending Fulton’s use of a registered working dog, they placed him in handcuffs, allegedly for creating a scene… something that Fulton denies. He claims that he was attempting to get the point across to an unresponsive clerk that his dog was not a pet, but a working dog. But when he showed his card, the clerk didn’t want to look at it and appeared unable or unwilling to understand the law.

    The CEO of BC Guide Dogs took the position that the Mounties escalated the situation unnecessarily and described the handcuffing and detention of Fulton in a cop car as “atrocious.”

    Despite being released without charge, Fulton intends to file a complaint with the BC Human Rights Tribunal… but good luck on that.

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