France shows its nascent fascism on Bastille day

This really must be watched all the way through to get the full impact of its meaning.
Thank you Ava Lon for your hard work on this.

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If the embed is not working well for you, here is the bitchute version.

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  1. Yuri Besmenov said that after being properly demoralized for fifteen years or so a population becomes incapable of making sense of even the simplest political problem. I wonder if this isn’t what is happening to the French. Are they so demoralized, brainwashed, and confused that they only know they are angry but are incapable of focusing on any solution to the problem for sheer lack of reliable information?

    Let me remind them that up until a few years ago their country was very beautiful but now it looks like the slums of Morocco. Does that help…?

    Soon the white majorities of the Western nations are going to fall and the new brown majorities are going to go full-time into vengeance, vengeance, vengeance. Like Ilhan Omar they are going to pretend that they have been suffering under unbearable oppression and racism up to this moment and they are going to want reparations and redress and compensation and payback and anything else you can think of and they will not stop until the whole world is South Africa with the Whites fleeing for their lives from the howling brown mob… This is how the left wants it to be and they seem to always get what they want, don’t they…?

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