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4 Replies to “Co-founder of Facebook thinks Google could be guilty of Treason”

  1. 4:46 – … most “scared” by Elizabeth Warren & …

    “Tulsi’s Connection to CFR Being Scrubbed – Top Headline”
    by TNA Video – July 12, 2019

    “Don’t Be Fooled: Tulsi Gabbard Is a Globalist in Sheep’s Clothing.” by Luis Miguel – July 8, 2019

  2. China is a major threat, in many ways a bigger and more urgent threat then Islam. Part of the problem is how they are working with the Middle Eastern Islamist’s who are attacking the west. By using this tactic they are following the pattern set by the Soviet Union during the Cold War. “Turn the Islamist’s loose on the West while suppressing them at home.”

    Having said that the Chinese manner of intel gathering seems to be throw massive numbers of people into the mix and then when each gets a little part of the puzzle put them together. We on VTB have previously discussed the way the Chinese seem to stifle the creative innovative push in their subjects but how they are very good at stealing and modifying the innovations of the West.

    Having said that we need to investigate who has infiltrated the Google research department and how much is being sent overseas to many different nations. I am willing to bet that many or our friends hae spies in the Google Research Department along with all of our enemies.

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