A few links on global warming and why it is an issue

1. Another politician admits part off the truth to the Global Warming scam in Australia

2. Revealing the impact of cosmic rays on Earth’s environment. Science Daily

Brilliantly explained in this 1 hour documentary that actually puts science to the issue of climate and temperature.

Given that policies concerning reduction of productivity in order to reduce CO2 levels, only apply to 1st world and primarily Western nations and not China or India even one bit, and given that the actual science does not support the notion of man made global warming one bit, or that the climate is even warming when data suggests it has started to cool thanks to the sun spot cycle ending, and given that the same people pushing the idea that CO2 is bad also do not support the construction of nuclear reactors, I think its safe to say that like so many of our policies today, transgender fetishism and so on and so on, these are communist plots to destroy the West.

To quote Gavin Boby after considering the transgender issue somewhat:

“To an uninformed person like me, (This) looks like part of a wider attack on our sense of reality, which underpins our sense of morality.”

I think that is exactly it.

H/T Richard, Coram Deo, and all who contributed to this post.

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  1. I find it very strange that people, like me, who have lived long enough to observe any such trend fall for this crap. I would like to know what they think, in their own experience, is any different from their youth, apart from the usual deviations that every period has. Their answer is usually ‘They say’, ‘the program I saw last night’, ‘Attenborough’, all hearsay. People are denying their own observed reality as much as when they are expected to call a 6 foot tall,hairy chested man ‘miss’.

  2. When I was in Collage one Progessor kept telling us to not be afraid to trust ourselves, that if our own experience told us what some “expert” was telling us is a Crock of S—, it probably is a Crock so we need to learn to trust ourselves.

    I wonder how many Professors are still teaching this? For that matter how many are teaching that a persons actions speak a lot louder then their words?

  3. Ivan Giaever, Nobel Laureate—In the last 100 years the earths temperature has increased from 288 K to 288.8 K.

    Are computer models making errors, fudging, skewing, distorting to simulate warming?

    I wonder if The Environmental Ethics prof who in 1987, told the class by 2014 all of Florida be under water, spends his winters in Florida.

  4. Nobel Laureate Smashes the Global Warming Hoax https:www.youtube.com/watch?v=TCy-UOjEirO

    I consider myself lucky that I know how to turn my computer on and off.

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