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3 Replies to “He shot up the train for allah, but they don’t know if it was terrorism”

    • I seriously doubt it. But if he gets hospitalized, he may never get out. If posychiatrists decide he’s not treatable and remains a danger to himself and society, they can put him away for the rest of his life.

      In any case, it’s the job of police, DA etc to get to the bottom of things. A suspect who confesses and refuses a lawyer looks very guilty, and of course he shot those people. Still, he may want to play the martyr, or maybe he’s covering for others. Like his radical brother or father, or a network that recruited him, the person who sold him the gun etc.

  1. The genie offered her three wishes…
    “May the whole world have Free Speech”
    “May the whole world have the right to bear arms to defend Free Speech”
    “And whenever muslims attack innocent people will they suddenly appear in a politician’s home”

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