Google working towards de-platforming Breitbart, selling data to foreign intel

“We don’t need more laws. Just enforce the ones already on the books”.

We at Vlad Tepes have been saying this for years and years about nearly all the problems facing the West today. We already have the tools. Its that they are ignored, or more often, selectively enforced to an antithetical agenda to the West.

Ted Cruz on the outrageous situation of social media policies


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4 Replies to “Google working towards de-platforming Breitbart, selling data to foreign intel”

  1. The left through a combination of arrogance and desperation are showing the people just what they are really like. The arrogance is that they think they can get away with censoring one half of the people in the US and the desp;eration is that they know Trump is going to win a second term and this will give him time to do so much more (that the Propaganda Media won’t report) that will push the communist takeover of the US back at least 50 years and possibly 100 years.

    The desperation is why I keep saying they are going to turn very violent, they were so close to winning and then Donald Trump came out of nowhere to win the Presidency and keep the left from taking us full communist.

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