Multiculturalism means we all get to obey sharia

This story, published on Jihad Watch on June 13th this year, just came to our attention today:

Sharia Germany: Police stop pork barbecue for fear of offending Muslims, Muslim migrants attack participants

ccording to Searchlight Germany, “After the barbecue, which was organised as a protest against the ‘interreligious Eid festival’, participants were attacked by two Syrians and attacked with a knife.”

It’s clear who is in charge in Germany now. How long will it be before Merkel’s government, seeing consumption of pork as evidence of “right-wing extremism,” bans it altogether?

“Pig triggers police action at barbecue by right-wing extremists,” translated from “Schwein löst Polizeieinsatz bei Grillfest von Rechtsextremen aus,” Lepiziger Volkszeitung, June 10, 2019 (thanks to Searchlight Germany):

The far-right group Pro Chemnitz organized a barbecue in protest. It was directed against Muslims who were celebrating the end of their month of fasting Ramadan. In the end, the police intervened.

The extreme right-wing group Pro Chemnitz launched a police operation with a pig. As a protest against an event for the Muslim Sugar Festival at the end of the month of fasting Ramadan, Pro Chemnitz had invited people on Saturday to a barbecue, where a piglet landed on the grill.
Whole piglet was not allowed

Please click through for the rest of the article.

Here is the only video we have found so far of this event. The police come to make sure the pig is chopped up small enough that it cannot be recognized as pig. This, is what police need to be doing in a city where migrants are raping and murdering the locals.

Thank yu. Ava Lon for the translation.

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4 Replies to “Multiculturalism means we all get to obey sharia”

  1. To hell with these feeble barbecues. Declare it to be some neo-Teutonic pagan ritual and incinerate a whole fucking pig as the burnt offering.

    The smoke from an entire smoldering hog carcass should leave a rather distinctive aroma lingering for several miles around.

    • Hang in it is going to get much worse, the goal of the left is to bring absolute chaos to the entire world so they can take over.

      I don’t think they will succeed but they are going to try and destroy classical civilization in all nations in their attempt. We need to hide and preserve as many elements of the European culture as we can to use it as a foundation to rebuild civilization.

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