‘Migrants’ force police to use tear gas as they riot at public pool

Direct Link: https://d.tube/v/vladtepesblog/QmbCZetS9DWfjstsUMRSahzqoAAJtA91KkQjeJPnNw7xP7

Ever since I started watching and documenting islamic behaviour in the west, one of the first patterns I noticed was the behaviour, followed by demands, at public pools. Town after town and country after country, broke their own laws on equality to create women only, and Islamic only swim times. Like public pools are critical to islamic survival. It was likely just the first part of the public space picked for conquest.


Video link

Thank you MissPIggy

C. sent in this related material. It is worth pasting this link into Chrome and having it translated. Yet another long list of data points showing how muslims have a thing about public pools.

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5 Replies to “‘Migrants’ force police to use tear gas as they riot at public pool”

  1. Why would anyone get in the same pool with those filthy, disgusting savages?

    I can only imagine all of the bodily fluids that are contaminating the water after they use it.

    If I were a German and my only alternative on a hot day was a public pool or my shower at home, it’s obvious what I would choose.

    Face it- Germany is over. It’s part of the Caliphate.

    • Germany isn’t over if the Germans will fight back, no country has been lost yet. It is still possible for every European Nation to return to being European instead of Islamic Colonies but it requires that the people fight back.

      By saying that it is over in any nation you are saying that you are willing to give up land because you don’t want to defend it. If you give up Germany which European nation will be the next you give up? If you give up all of Europe will you fight for North America? How about South America? By giving up nations you are allowing our nations to become isolated and then surrounded, you are depriving us of the alliance of the Europeans that want to fight.

      Remember we have no place to move to, unless you have a starship in your garage we are stuck on earth and by giving up land to the Islamic Conquest you are limiting yourself and enriching the enemy.

      We no longer have the luxury of moving out to avoid combat, we either fight or die, if we don’t fight freedom will die for many centuries.

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