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  1. Imam who attacked Boris Johnson in BBC debate SUSPENDED from school after anti-Jew tweets (express, Jun 19, 2019)

    “A BBC presenter has apologised after an imam who questioned the Tory leadership contenders about Islamophobia was found to have made critical comments about Israel.

    Nicky Campbell, who had Abdullah Patel on his breakfast show on BBC Radio 5 Live the morning after the live TV debate, said the imam had made “extremely disturbing” remarks on Twitter, and that he was “sorry” the broadcaster had not checked beforehand.

    Campbell tweeted: “I would like to apologise. We had the Imam from the BBC Tory leadership debate on our programme this morning. His social media comments have been extremely disturbing. We should have checked. We didn’t. I’m sorry.”

    In tweets unearthed by the Guido Fawkes website, Mr Patel wrote: “Every Political figure on the Zionist’s payroll is scaring the world about Corbyn. They don’t like him. He seems best suited to tackle them!”

    He also shared an image endorsing the relocation of Israel to the US as a way of solving the Israel/Palestine conflict.

    Mr Patel has taken down his Twitter account but previous social media posts from @AbdullahPatel94 published by the Spectator include accusing the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance of either “lying about wanting to protect freedom of speech, or they simply wish to undermine @jeremycorbyn”.

    He has also tweeted: “How long are the Zionists going to hide behind the Holocaust cry? It was a tragedy, but Gaza today is a repeat of the oppression.”

    A BBC spokesman said Mr Patel was vetted but would not have been invited to participate in the debate had researchers been aware of his views prior to broadcast.

    He said: “We carried out background research into the online and social media profiles of all our questioners for last night’s debate.

    “Following the debate, one individual reactivated a public twitter account he had previously deactivated, whose tweets were not visible during our research period.

    “Had we been aware of the views he expressed there he would not have been selected.”…”

    • Girls’ school SUSPENDS Imam who attacked Boris in BBC debate after his tweets emerged blaming women for rape, praising Corbyn and attacking Jews as second questioner is revealed as Labour HQ worker (dailymail, Jun 19, 2019)

      “The BBC is today engulfed in controversy after it emerged they allowed an anti-Semetic Imam and a former Labour party worker to appear on the Tory leadership debate.

      Abdullah patel, who probed the contenders vying to be the next PM on Islamophobia was today exposed as an anti-Semite who posted messages praising Jeremy Corbyn and blaming women for rape.

      It later emerged that Aman Thakar, from London was Labour Party council candidate in 2018 in Southwark, and even worked in Labour HQ.

      The corporation today refused to apologise and said the tweets were ‘not visible’ when they vetted him – however it has emerged that he was tweeting from the account just two days before the debate.

      The series of vile posts by Patel were exposed moments after the debate on BBC One, in which he asked the Tory MPs on their views on Islamophobia and whether they believed ‘words have consequences.’

      The corporation today refused to apologise and said the tweets were ‘not visible’ when they vetted him – however it has emerged that he was tweeting from the account just two days before the debate.

      Today Yakub Patel, Chair of Al-Madani Education Trust which runs Al-Ashraf Primary School in Gloucester, where Patel is a deputy headteacher said he had been suspended.

      In a statement, he said: ‘Following some of the comments attributed to Mr Patel in the media this morning, the Trust has decided to suspend him from all school duties with immediate effect until a full investigation is carried out.

      ‘The ‘school’ and ‘Trust’ do not share the views attributed to him.’

      In one tweet Patel he appeared to suggest women are to blame for rape, writing: ‘Lets make something clear: Generally, men are the predators, but women need to realise this and be smarter.

      ‘It takes 2 to tango, and if you put yourself in that position, don’t expect every man to pass up the opportunity to take advantage of you. Don’t be alone with a man! ‘

      Patel, who was also once listed as the head teacher of Al Ashraf Secondary School for Girls in Gloucester, showed his support for Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

      He wrote: ‘Vote UKLabour Vote JeremyCorbyn Vote for hopenotfear Vote for TheManyNottheFew. If you vote Tory you deserve all the cuts you get to tbh.’

      Others highlighted his anti-Semitic views, with one post featuring a graphic once retweeted by Labour MP Naz Shah that saw her suspended by the Labour party in 2016.

      It showed Israel’s outline superimposed on to a map of the US under the headline: Solution for Israel-Palestine Conflict – Relocate Israel into United States.’

      Alongside the image, he wrote: FOUND THE SOLUTION! America wants to look after Israel? I’ve got a way to make them neighbours! (Until Israel attack).

      In another tweet he wrote: ‘Every polial figure on Zionist’s payroll is scaring the world about Corbyn.

      ‘They don’t like him. He seems best suited to tackle them!’

      Today Patel had deleted his Twitter account after the controversial tweets were exposed.

      Patel appeared to be directing his comments to Boris Johnson, who sparked controversy when he suggested veiled Muslim women looked like ‘letter boxes and bank robbers’ in a newspaper article.

      He later criticised Johnson for his response, in which he forgot his name, writing on Twitter ‘my name is Abdullah, not Tina … ‘our friend from Bristol’ and linking to a video of Johnson’s answer to him, saying it showed ‘Boris at his best (or worst)’.

      During the debate Boris Johnson said he was ‘sorry for the offence’ his comments had caused, while Michael Gove condemned Islamophobia as ‘repugnant’ and attacked Jeremy Corbyn for comments he claimed were ‘disgusting’ and anti-Semitic.

      A BBC Spokesperson said today that it had ‘carried out background research into the online and social media profiles of all our questioners for last night’s debate.’

      However, they said that one individual ‘reactivated a public twitter account he had previously deactivated whose tweets were not visible during our research period. ‘

      They added: ‘Had we been aware of the views he expressed there he would not have been selected.’…”

    • He also shared an image endorsing the relocation of Israel to the US as a way of solving the Israel/Palestine conflict.

      This terrorist rectal cavity had best be much more careful with any talk of his about involuntary settlement. After all, relocation of the Israelites will have to be accomplished through involuntary, main force. The Hebrew nation has made it more than a little clear [cough] Dimona [cough] that this time the Jews will not go quietly into the night.

      If this ambulatory, wife-beating, and goat raping sphincter had allowed his diseased mind an extra moment’s thought (as though that’s even possible) he’d might have realized something that opponents of Free Speech ought to have understood from the get go:

      Engaging in selective enforcement against one group allows any other faction to be treated unfairly when another, more convenient, opportunity presents itself.

      More than anything, Abdullah Patel’s typical insistence that Muslims be an exception to this ironclad rule guarantees one thing—Islam’s “exceptional” treatment will most likely involve the lot of them being incinerated by angry Jews or just by a world no longer prepared to tolerate such genocidal, Antisemitic bullshit.

  2. Thousands of ISIS sleeper cells ‘could attack Britain’ in revenge for the fall of the ‘caliphate’ in Syria (dailymail, Jun 19, 2019)

    “Thousands of ISIS sleeper cells could be ready to launch revenge attacks on Britain in response to the fall of the ‘caliphate’ in Syria, it has been warned.

    Fighters still loyal to ISIS following its destruction at the hands of Kurdish-led forces are now thought to be prepared to continue the fight on Western soil.

    That was the warning issued by the Syrian Democratic Forces, which said ‘thousands of sleepers’ had disappeared and fallen from its radar falling ISIS’s defeat in Syria.

    It is feared tens of thousands of ‘Cubs of the Caliphate’ currently in refugee camps could join the next generation of ISIS fighters ready to strike back at its enemies.

    Syrian Democratic Forces commander Mervan Kamishlo told the Mirror: ‘There still thousands of sleepers here. When we succeeded militarily they disappeared.’

    He added: ‘They still think they are a state. Their sleeper network is a mafia. They will come back.

    ‘But the most dangerous of the fighters were not locals Arab fighters – they were Europeans, yes the British. I fought against them.

    ‘They were most dangerous. Clever, well educated and that they gave up so much back home shows commitment.’

    Syrian Democratic Forces declared a ‘total elimination’ of the jihadist group in March after flushing out suicidal jihadists from the holdout in Baghouz, eastern Syria.

    The terrorist group’s bloody last stand saw male and female fanatics hiding in caves as US-backed forces rained down an overnight barrage.

    The world’s most wanted man Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who declared himself the tyrant of the regime in 2014, was not among their number and is still at large.

    The 47-year-old Iraqi recluse, who suffers from diabetes, has been rumoured to have been wounded or killed several times in the past.

    But his whereabouts have never been confirmed and a $25million price remains for his scalp.

    Victorious SDF fighters played Arabic techno music and danced arm-in-arm to taunt IS survivors.

    Their brutal regime had imposed a total ban on music, punishable by flogging or even death.

    At its height, ISIS ruled more than seven million people and made billions selling oil on the black market.

    More than 11,000 SDF fighters have died in the four-year offensive, while an estimated 100,000 coalition air strikes have taken place.

    This includes more than 1,700 by RAF assets, while 1,100 British Special Forces and personnel have been deployed across Syria and Iraq.”

  3. London’s fifth killing in just SIX days as man is knifed to death in triple stabbing that sees capital’s murder toll hit 61 (dailymail, Jun 19, 2019)

    “A man has died after a triple stabbing that injured two others as the capital suffered its fifth killing in the capital in six days.

    The knifing in Barnet, north London, happened at 10.50pm last night as police responded to reports of a fight.

    Scotland Yard said three men who had been stabbed were taken to hospital, one of whom later died. Officers this morning launched London’s 61st murder investigation of 2019.

    The condition of the two men, aged in their 20s and 30s, is not life-threatening. No arrests have been made and investigations are continuing, police said…”

  4. Khashoggi murder latest: UN finds ‘credible evidence’ to investigate Saudi Crown Prince (express, Jun 19, 2019)

    “SAUDI Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is at the centre of a damning UN report that labels the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi “an international crime”.

    The 100-page analysis calls for the Crown Prince to be investigated after the death of Mr Khashoggi, who was last seen going into a Saudi embassy in Turkey.

    UN special rapporteur Agnes Callamard said: “It is the conclusion of the special rapporteur that Mr Khashoggi has been the victim of a deliberate, premeditated execution, an extrajudicial killing for which the state of Saudi Arabia is responsible under international human rights law.”

    The report uses conversation recordings from inside the Istanbul embassy to suggest how Mr Khashoggi was confronted by Saudi officials before being killed after a struggle.

    One of them said: “We are coming to get you.”

    The report concludes that Mr Khashoggi was most likely murdered by multiple officials inside the consulate.

    It reads: “Assessments of the recordings by intelligence officers in Turkey and other countries suggest that Mr Khashoggi could have been injected with a sedative and then suffocated using a plastic bag.”

    Ms Callamard also called for nations worldwide to widen sanctions on the Crown Prince and his personal assets – unless he can prove he did not give the order.

    Urging UN Secretary-General António Guterres to establish an international probe, she said: “There is credible evidence, warranting further investigation of high-level Saudi officials’ individual liability, including the Crown Prince’s.

    “Indeed, this human rights inquiry has shown that there is sufficient credible evidence regarding the responsibility of the Crown Prince demanding further investigation.”

    Mr Khashoggi was killed in October 2 after visiting the Saudi embassy in Istanbul to pick up some wedding papers.

    A known critic of the Crown Prince – especially in his columns for the Washington Post – many suspected the Saudi hierarchy were involved in his demise.

    They denied the attack initially – officials claimed Mr Khashoggi was still alive and had left the consulate – and blamed outside forces like Qatar for pushing a ‘false narrative’.

    However, Saudi Arabia arrested 18 people related to his murder just two weeks later in an attempt to quell the situation.

    The national press agency reported that all the suspects travelled to Istanbul to meet Mr Khashoggi before a brawl ensued and the journalist was murdered.


  5. That’s funny. If we could crawl inside Trudeau’s little nut we’d find three drivers; a Nazi father, a mother piloted by Donald Duck, and navigator George Soros swingin’ a velvet bullwhip.

    • If we could crawl inside Trudeau’s little nut…

      Left or right?

      Knowing Trudie, the Left one is all that performs even marginally.

      While we’re on the subject:

      Q: Why do mice have such small balls?

      A: Lousy dancers, I guess.

  6. US oil giant ExxonMobil hit by rocket attack in Basra, Iraq after US military targeted (express, Jun 19, 2019)

    “THREE people were wounded after a rocket hit the site of the residential and operations headquarters of several global major oil companies, including US giant ExxonMobil, near Iraq’s southern city of Basra early on Wednesday, the country’s military has said…”

    • This is actually a big deal.
      Global oil companies take things like this $eriou$ly.

      It’s that little “µ” – the unknown risk factor in humongous data stacks of simultaneous equations – that’s determinative, that makes for a “go” or “no-go”.

      (Summer job in college working on the International Petroleum Exchange Model. Used by companies operating in the Sand-Box.
      Yeah, risk can be quantified. But force majeure and that “µ” are uninsurable. That’s a bottom-line killer.
      Go FRACKING, USA !)

  7. Database says 91,600 killed in Yemen fighting since 2015 (abcnews, Jun 19, 2019)

    “Yemen’s civil war has killed at least 91,600 people so far, a database tracking violence said Wednesday, presenting a new estimate after completing reporting for the first months of fighting in 2015.

    The conflict began with the 2014 takeover over of northern and central Yemen by the Iranian-backed rebels, driving out the internationally recognized government from the capital, Sanaa.

    Months later, in March 2015, a Saudi-led coalition launched its air campaign to prevent the rebels, known as Houthis, from overrunning the country’s south.

    In the relentless campaign, Saudi-led airstrikes have hit schools, hospitals and wedding parties and killed thousands of Yemeni civilians. The Houthis have used drones and missiles to attack Saudi Arabia and have targeted vessels in the Red Sea.

    Civilians have borne the brunt of the conflict, which has created what the United Nations says is the world’s worst humanitarian crisis.

    The Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project, or ACLED, said that in 2015, about 17,100 people were reported killed — the second-most lethal year after 2018, which was the deadliest one on record.

    ACLED said 11,900 people were killed this year, compared to 30,800 in 2018.

    The group said the Saudi-led coalition and its allies were responsible for more than 8,000 of about 11,700 deaths resulting from the direct targeting of civilians, while the Houthis and their allies were responsible for the rest.

    The group said it recoded over 18,400 killed in the southwestern province of Taiz since 2015, placing Taiz as the most violent province in Yemen, largely due to a four-year siege by the Houthis, the group said.

    Hodeida and Jawf followed Taiz as the next most violent provinces in Yemen, with almost 10,000 in total combat fatalities, reported in each region since 2015, according the group.

    ACLED said the U.N.-brokered cease-fire for the Red Sea port city of in Hodeida contributed to a partial drop in reported fatalities in recent months. That cease-fire has since crumbled.

    “These data are both a tool and a warning: the international community must use them to help understand, monitor, and ultimately resolve the conflict before the situation spirals even further out of control,” said ACLED executive director Clionadh Raleigh.

    The numbers do not include those who have died in the humanitarian disasters caused by the war, particularly starvation.

    The group, which receives funding in part from the U.S. State Department and Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, builds its database on news reports from Yemeni and international media and international agencies.”

  8. Germany: Syrian faces Islamic State-linked terrorism charges (abcnews, Jun 19, 2019)

    “Prosecutors in Germany say a 31-year-old Syrian citizen faces terrorism charges for joining the Islamic State group in Syria.

    Fares A.B., whose last name wasn’t released for privacy reasons, is also charged with war crimes and violations against the war weapons control act, prosecutors said Wednesday.

    They said in 2012 he first joined a local branch of the Free Syria Army and shot two prisoners.

    In 2014, he joined the Islamic State and participated in the mistreatment of three prisoners in Syria. He also took several people prisoner and abused the driver of a pickup during a vehicle inspection by beating his machine gun against the man’s head. Later in 2014, he participated in the execution of a prisoner.

    Prosecutors didn’t say when the Syrian arrived in Germany, but said he is already imprisoned for another crime.”

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