Morsi dies during trial, Labour UK vote riggers, lots more: Links 2, June 17, 2019

1. Egypt’s ousted president Mohammed Morsi dies during trial

Egypt’s former President Mohammed Morsi, who was ousted by the military in 2013, has died after fainting in a courtroom, officials say.


A top figure in the now-banned Islamist movement Muslim Brotherhood, Morsi collapsed in a cage after speaking at a hearing on charges of espionage.


Morsi, who was 67, had been in custody since being ousted following mass protests a year after he took office.

Officials then launched a crackdown on his and Muslim Brotherhood supporters.


Morsi’s hearing in the capital, Cairo, was related to charges of espionage emanating from suspected contacts with the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas.

He collapsed moments after addressing the court from a cage some defendants are kept in during sessions, Egypt’s public prosecutor said, adding that a medical report showed no apparent recent injuries on Morsi’s body.

More on Morsi:

But who was Morsi? Flashback:

2. A little more on the muslim Labour Party, vote riggers:

3. Pushback on Quebec’s attempt to preserve its own culture in the face of Islamic invasion.

(The tortured logic of this women cannot go unchallenged. She speaks about a head cloth as if it was a birth defect. If you want to be a teacher, don’t wear a head cloth. If you want to wear it, don’t be a teacher at a public school. If you get married, don’t cheat on your spouse. If you want to have sex with other people do not commit to one person. All choices mean foregoing other options. That is what freedom actually means. The freedom to make your own choices. It does not mean you are entitled to do whatever you want and suffer zero consequences for it. islam is not compatible with a secular or Judeo-Christian society. It is reasonable to not want religious muslims or islam to steep into the educational system.)


4. And this is the least worst aspect of the UN

5. Apparently there was a shooting in Toronto at a Raptors parade

(The guy with the beard and no moustache seems non plussed. Comments will be interesting on that thread I suspect.)

Here is a tweet I felt needed an answer:

Two arrested, confiscated 2 firearms:

6. Ezra discusses the cancellation of the play about the two FBI agents that plotted to overthrow the president in a coup.

7. Quebec passes bill banning public servants from wearing religious symbols

François Legault’s government passed a ban on some public servants wearing religious symbols in a final vote late Sunday night, enshrining into law a measure decried by opposition parties, minority groups and human-rights observers as an affront to personal liberty.


The National Assembly debated Bill 21 under closure in a marathon special weekend session that ended with Mr. Legault’s Coalition Avenir Québec government forcing passage of the law by a 73-35 vote, with backing of the Parti Québécois. Earlier Sunday, the CAQ used its majority to push through Bill 9, a law that enables new French-language and values tests that the government says will protect Quebec identity while refocusing immigration on economic interests.

8. Andrew Bostom grabbed a moment from the Katie Hopkins film:

Thank you ML., M., Richard, Sassy, Andrew Bostom, Wrath of Khan, and an amazing list of dedicated volunteers who consistently send in important info.

Peter Strzok and Lisa Page had better go to jail for a long time if faith in the justice system is to continue at all.

Obama and Steele from Judicial watch:


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  1. 5- The real victors here are not the Raptors. Why should Dystopians care about a bunch of American blacks who run fast and jump high? Hockey, on the other hand, requires a player to make lightening-fast decisions at high speed while avoiding getting his head taken off. The cognitive abilities required are extraordinary.

    No the true victors are the Trudeauesque social engineers who transformed Toronto’s demographics into a multi-culti shithole, replete with shootings at celebrations. Nice going, Pierre.

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