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9 Replies to “Gavin Boby: The likely future of the UK thanks to Islam”

  1. This sounds like a peaceful way to get rid of the Islamic Invaders, the problem is the invaders will not remain in their areas. Unless you will in their no go zones they will raid into the non Islamic areas and push out to enlarge their areas.

    He is also talking about the economy collapsing once that starts the Invaders are going to have a greater incentive to raid the non Islamic areas.

  2. Gavin Boby iterates a most common sentiment amongst economic Chicken Littles. Massive sovereign debt is an inevitable doomsday device. Insolvency is a mathematical certainty. A government either hyperinflates, or defaults, in order to reconcile debt. Default is a four-letter word, so hyperinflation is the weasel’s way. Regardless, the two amount to the same thing.

    What Mr. Boby doesn’t do here is extend his own good logic. Muslims are not the only demographic sucking off the welfare teat. The third leg in this teetering stool of Socialism and Islam is Keynesian economics. The Left, in all its bullshit altruism, is addicted to the money stolen from the productive class in the form of taxes. Namely they steal from smaller businesses who haven’t the critical mass to become international. This means they haven’t the business model big enough to allow them to exploit the locating of their corporate head office, and production, in lower-taxed jurisdictions.

    So the Left and its addictions will be cut off. No more money will be available for the pseudo-science of climate hysteria, for instance. Or gender studies, or safe-injection sites, or carbon taxes–you know the list of Progressive causes. Economic breakdown will hit the Left hardest because the Right is, by its VERY CONSTITUTION, self-reliant. Mr. Boby also fails to mention the incredible contagion unleashed by the failure of a major bank or nation. Financial instruments have been engineered into such esoteric forms that most bankers don’t even know where their final counter-party risk resides. And the need for returns has usurped the requirement for adequate firewalls between countries. Ironically, the safest places to evade the Western economic demise will be those countries who were isolated by Western foreign policies, like Russia, or those who gave the boot to the IMF, like Hungary.

    Bring it on. It’s a rough road, but it’s our only way out of this valley now.


      • Sounds like post-Soviet Russian writing.
        A rational explanation for all that Stalin unpleasantness. Gauzy economist word-shroud wrapped around real blood-&-guts, sanitizing a terrorist regime.

        My Russki had to study all this tripe. It was core curriculum in the Soviet Union for any kind of advanced degree. Learn to argue back and forth “economic systems” and pitch the “inevitable”. The West is doomed, the US dollar likewise.

        “Fiat” and “debt burden” and “hyperinflation” – there’s logic but it doesn’t connect to real life. Boil it down to mafia feudalism. Primitive and tribal, warlords with power dispensed “goods” and “justice” as they saw fit.

    • Bring it on. It’s a rough road, but it’s our only way out of this valley now.

      This is coming and coming much faster then the left thinks, they have destroyed all of the West Coast States and are now working on the East Coast. Once California starts defaulting on its debt the collapse will spread quickly.

      This rough road leads out of the valley but it also probably leads to a Dark Age.

  3. If facing a desperate situation, and grouped in self-contained areas, Muslims will go to war to conquer the non-Muslim areas trying to impose jizya. This will be their only viable economical solution. Probably, Saudi sheikhs will ship them money and weapons. Civil war. Who will the Leftists support in this case?

    • This is the most likely future for the entire world, Europe has been destabilized by mass immigration and the left is now trying the same thing in the US. The left wants the massive chaos of an economic collapse and a civil war in all western nations they think they can ride the chaos into total world domination. They won’t succeed but they think they can so they aren’t going to stop their efforts to destroy the small amount of Western Civilization that is left and the Rule of Law t hat is on life support in all Western Nations.

  4. I think many globalists are planning exactly that collapse of the welfare state. The answer would be, for them, removal of human rights on condition of being granted some part in society. The history of human rights in Western countries mean that the best demographic for this is non-Europeans.

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