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2 Replies to “Ex pat Saudi Doctor explains her feelings about Trudeau: MUST WATCH”

  1. G_d – or perhaps she’d prefer – the Universe, bless her. And damn the people responsible for bringing her attacker and the poison of islam to the West.

    On another note, I found her mention of the relation between child sex abuse and the abuse of women in general, with tribalism, to be insightful. It appears that such societies use females as tokens to of power and negotiation between social groups. More evidence to me that societies founded on tribalism (what matters is one’s group identity) are distinctly inferior to those (basically Western) societies founded on individualism – the idea that each individual has intrinsic value, rights and responsibilities.

  2. It must be a nightmare watching Trudeau gush over the same Jihadi bastards that you’ve just run away from…

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