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5 Replies to “Brilliant panel on islam in Europe and its effects on Israel”

  1. Info at 29:00
    Talking about the shooting at the border.
    :She sayed:As ULTIMA RATIO-that means if there is no other way,also its JUST THE LAW that ALL past Goverments had allowed,thats also why the Police had guns.

    Also very funny.The “TAX POLICE” get MACHINEGUNS some years ago by Socialdemocrats for looking at people who works Illegal.

    So youre a Nazi in Germany today if you want that police act by the law that the Government made but nobody cares if police get Machineguns to look for people who want to make money by work.

  2. Erudite heavyweights doing their best to resurrect the intuitive common sense buried beneath years of PoMo madness. –That being the common sense of our fathers’ generation, and before, who knew what invaders deserved. Bring back the cowboys who ride alone, and women who carry lipstick made of lead, says I, whilst sending the society psychoanalysts home for the holidays.


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