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8 Replies to “Jordan Peterson and Viktor Orban in Hungary!”

  1. OMG, what was that? I’m sorry, that was over the top IMO.
    We don’t need another martyr. The world is not on your shoulders, Jordon Peterson. That’s His job. So lighten up!

    What comes to my mind, as I listened to Mr. Peterson.
    “Get down off the cross honey somebody needs the wood”
    – Dolly Parton – Straight Talk

    And the “Dying Slave” – Michelangelo

    Maybe it’s jet lag or the high altitude. He just may need a good night sleep…
    Sorry about this, but I need a laugh after listening to that dirge.

  2. Dr. Peterson is a great man with some deep insights into human nature and our minds. His ideas have helped me to reach some important conclusions and improve my life in several meaningful, sometimes tangible, ways. But wow, he sounded tired and emotional here. Very out-of-character for Peterson. He’s been touring a lot since he reached fame with “12 Rules.” Hopefully he’ll take some time off soon, even if it’s just a month or two. He’s a great thinker, but everybody needs time to recharge. I say that with the greatest respect for Dr. Peterson.

  3. To say that there is a “dark” side to him would be an understatement, but it seems to me that that side is becoming more pronounced in his talks as time goes on. Simply a personal observation. That the world and life is full of sadness, suffering, struggle, etc., is obvious and hardly needs to be stated (though he often emphasizes this). But he has consistently maintained that humans at least can transcend the suffering and chaos by living ethical, unselfish lives, and taking on responsibilities. This aspect of his message has not varied and indeed, he seems (again, a personal observation) to be getting more “spiritual”, more directed toward a transcendent, supernatural reality than he had been previously. He never answers directly the question of whether he believes in G_d, but it is clear to me that he does since he lives as though there is a moral ethical universe just as much as there is a physical one.

    Anyway, I hope that he is not becoming depressed or something, due to all the constant pressures he is under in his day to day life, often courtesy of the tolerant and compassionate Left. His voice gets rather high at times too, which sounds to me like anxiety, but it’s just a guess. But I still love the guy.

  4. I read the 12 rules , it is a heavy book, considering that I work in a very intense field, so it is not a book for a week end…
    I know he is a chronically depressed person and he fought this all his life.I know that his daughter was sick all her life and still is.
    And he wants to make as much as possible in $$ till his wave will fade.
    It seems to me this is the last cry before fall.Not falling from ideas, just falling.
    This remind me of the Lenard Cohen Las concerts before death.
    He was just barely there,he just wanted to make enough money for his family.
    So that is a possible explanation of his weak and weepy discourse.
    I like him but honestly if you listen to the YouTube videos about his philosophical religious interpretations, your head will spin.

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