Hundreds of muslims throw bricks, bottles and stones at children, everyone near TR and crew: Links 2, May 18 2019

1. A little video on borders

2. Ontario decides to selectively enforce freedom of conscience against Christians. Again.

3. A group, ironically calling themselves, Muslim Defense League, throw bricks, bottles and Stones at Tommy Robinson campaign.

4. Its funny how little things like the law don’t apply to muslims. I wonder what would happen to a law abiding indigenous British person if he talked that way about a muslim politician. Like maybe Sadiq Khan or something.

(Notice that the Muslim Defense League, uses the word, “defence” as Islam mandates it too. That is to say, any attempt to stop Muslims from imposing their laws etc. on the rest of the world is considered an attack on their religion. So to fight those who try to stop them, like Tommy for one, is considered a defensive fight.)

5. THUNDER DOWN UNDER: Far Left Labour Party SUFFERS SHOCKING LOSS in Australia After Holding Several Point Lead in Polls

Click through for the article. But from what I can see, its the now standard story of people lying to pollsters so commie thugs don’t ruin their lives, and voting with their brains. Speak from fear, vote sincere.

The counter measure will be to rig future elections to mirror the advance polls most likely.

Thank you all who sent in materials. Its been a busy day. Lots to see, lots to say. I hope our regulars manage to catch up on all that is posted.

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  1. 5 – We can expect the same thing in 2020, people will refuse to put up Trump signs, will lie to pollsters including the people doing the exit polling but will vote for the improved economy and enjoy the restored freedom his election will bring.

  2. “UPDATE:
    By the looks of this video @GMPOldham actually escorted the ‘Muslim Defence League’ members to where #TommyRobinson campaign rally was going on.”
    + more videos posts
    For The People – May 18, 2019 – Twitter

    SNOW #FreeTommyRobinson – Published on May 18, 2019

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