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9 Replies to “Austria on the right track in terms of Muslim Brotherhood uniforms of women”

  1. Well done Austria. Let’s hope more European governments follow suit. The hijab is a misogynistic imposition on women and is NOT mandated in the Koran, it is about the oppression of women as the hair is considered to be a sexual tool where women entice men! By the way islam has no foundations. CIRA International on Youtube by an historian and an ex Muslim wahabbi with facts is the education our politicians and media need to watch, learn and listen to.

  2. This EuroNews Hacks didn’t even get what this Muslim Spokesman really said, they only heard the words without any understanding;
    It is correct that there isn’t a Political Islam – there’s ONLY Islam.
    What a bunch of academented Morons.
    Montaigne was absolutely right when he said;
    “I prefer the company of peasants because they have not been educated sufficiently to reason incorrectly.”

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