President Trump on Iran


Look for a special edition of Barry Webb’s weekly interview series tonight on Iran, as understood from Arabic press.

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  1. I don’t know how much more warning he could give them without letting them and the Left get ready for an attack. Of course it may not be the US that attacks, or it may be a virus that takes down their computers. We (me included) keep thinking of military force but the cyber realm gives us a big playing field to get innovative in.

  2. No on-the-ground military intervention is necessary. USA has out-of-this-world weaponry. The mountains will shake while destroying everything under them.

    IMHO: Those supersonic+ blades will cut up a ship in one New-York nano-second. As for aircraft, the Iranians are not masters. It will be a very well coordinated attack and won’t last long. IRGC will be the problem as they disperse.

    • If we hit them with military force we will probably reduce their military capabilities to the point the Iranian government won’t be able to defend itself from the home grown protesters.

    • If we have a weapon like that we won’t use it until we have to, you don’t give away the fact that you have a weapon like that until you have to.

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  3. We’re still getting screwy reports.
    – – First coming out of Sputnik, then PressTV and Tasnim.
    Hello? Why are they seeding the “news”?

    UAE first denies it, then out comes a different version (not explosion, “sabotage” of some kind). Saudis say so too, but the number of ships varies.

    Something happened, there’s a U.S. Maritime Alert. With an obvious error in the map’s coordinates. Ok.

    AP shows bogus satellite pix, as Detective Seth proves! He gets approx. dimensions of the damage, measured against the size of the letters on the tanker.

    The Middle East.
    We’ll see what happens…

      • Part of it is right up top, on the surface:
        Iran (and Russian media, on behalf of Iran) broke this story FIRST. Reported “EXPLOSIONS” an hour BEFORE any damage was visible on satellite or on the ground. Threw the story like a grenade.

        Nobody else heard “explosions”, not locally, not in real time.

        UAE and Saudi weren’t keen to report, then watch insurance costs skyrocket. Ended up having to report something, but there _was_ no evidence of “explosions” in _this_ spot.

        Yes, the next day the Houthis damaged Saudi facilities, but that’s not the same as “bombing tankers in the Straits”. Which is what the echo-chamber was pushing out.

        Iran was messing around.
        They read our media, heavy on the “war-monger Bolton, neocon” trash. Plus the scripted revulsion of our EU “allies”. Recycling false-flags and zio-conspiracies, laced with Gulf of Tongkin.
        (Kerry should be shot, by the way.)

        This “Straits”-thing was a diversion.
        The Houthis will continue to molest the Saudis and Emiratis. Proxies in Iraq threaten our own people. And pygmy-attacks in the Gulf are still possible. But this whole thing smelled like muh-Khashoggi from the get-go.

        We’ll see what happens…

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