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5 Replies to “Justin Trudeau planning secret total gun-grab, no debate?”

    • Nothing – they could probably get away with it with minimal protest. Canadians are going to wake up one day with all their freedoms removed (whether by islam or the left) and they will have no one but themselves to blame for burying their heads in the sand and voting for progressive and socialist politicians.

      • Exactly right. Canadians are tragically misinformed about the political situation and believe that walking hand-in-hand into the wood chipper is what a truly good person is eager to do. There is no mainstream voice for conservative opinion up here and the very word, “Fox News” brings hoots and hollers of derision…

  1. My fellow Canadians, for all their bluster….are sheep! Unless their hockey and beer ration is threatened…they will do nothing….bury their guns, maybe…….
    Canada…..the Judas Goat for the United Nations…..led by a mob of traitors!

  2. Justin Trudeau planning secret total gun-grab, no debate?

    Justine Trudeau planning secret scrotal bun-grab, no vibrate?

    There, fixed that.

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