Rasmus Paludan drops truth bomb in leader’s debate in Denmark

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H/T Tania Groth, and Wolf Woman



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  1. https://vancouversun.com/news/local-news/douglas-todd-almost-7-in-10-metro-residents-will-be-non-white-in-two-decades
    Even speaking the term “white replacement” is enough to cost a person everything from their friends to their job to their marriage even as it’s happening at an alarming pace right before their eyes. Don’t white people understand? We will be at their mercy when they outnumber us. What’s to stop them from painting us as evil colonialist slave-owning capitalists, responsible for every ill of the Third World and deserving of their hatred? That’s what the leftists are already saying as often as possible. It’s called “Identity politics” and it’s the lifeblood of the Democrat Party as well as most other leftists. And what’s to stop them from voting for “reparations” and “redress” and “truth and reconciliation as whites are barred from government jobs, taxed at a higher rate than browns, and subject to expropriation without compensation as they are now in South Africa. And what’s to stop them from leaving the Confederacy and claiming the land as their new “Homeland”? Why are we putting our heads in the lion’s mouth? We don’t have to do this. And you’re not allowed to talk about it or they call you a “Nazi”…

    Lauren Southern and Faith Goldy have both been branded Obersturmführers of the Waffen SS special extra-mean torture squad for daring to utter those words. It’s the left’s least favorite thing…

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