Mega Mosques, Mega psychos, and more: Links 1, May 8th, 2019

1. Mayor sides with Muslims in mega-mosque battle that divides community

A big legal battle is heating up over a proposed mega-mosque in Sterling Heights, Michigan, and regardless of the outcome longtime residents say some in this city’s divided immigrant community are going to feel slighted.

On one side is the mayor, Michael C. Taylor, fighting for the Muslims and their right to build a massive mosque right smack dab in the middle of the nation’s largest Chaldean Christian refugee community.

Michael Taylor, mayor of Sterling Heights, Michigan

On the other side are the Christian refugees. They say they feel like their rights are once again being seen as second fiddle to the Muslims, just as they were back home in Iraq. […]




(Notice how the imam in this video uses the classic threat of terrorism when the mosque he planned in a Christian community was turned down)

2. ‘Chilling’ footage shows London Bridge terrorist wipe knife on beard after killing eight people

Aterrorist washed his knife and wiped it on his beard in a “chilling gesture” after killing eight people at London Bridge and Borough Market, an inquest has heard.


Khuram Butt, 27, was caught on CCTV cameras cleaning his 12 inch pink ceramic knife inside Black and Blue restaurant while Youssef Zaghba, 22, took a drink from the tap behind the bar.


The terrorists’ movements were part of harrowing footage showing the London Bridge terror attack unfolding in real time has been played at the inquests into the eight victims’ deaths.


Jonathan Hough QC, counsel for the coroner, had warned the families of the victims in court that “distressing images” would be shown, and Butt’s reaction was “the most chilling”.


A grim compilation of video clips from CCTV, dashboard cameras and handheld camera phones charted the progress ofthe atrocity in minute detail.

3. I Was ‘AOC Press’ On Twitter. Then They Banned Me.

On Monday evening I was removed from Twitter. I still don’t really know why. I have my suspicions, but no one’s really tried to explain it to me.


I run the parody ‘AOC Press’ account, which had over 80,000 followers. It was pretty funny, even if I do say so myself.


This is election interference.


The fact is as we move closer to the 2020 election, a number of high-profile, high follower, conservative accounts are being banned. In total, we have lost access to millions, maybe even tens of millions of impressions over the past few days. This is election interference.

4. WATCH: Feminist Repeatedly Punches Pro-Lifer In The Face On Campus. She’s Been Charged With Assault.

(But if someone attacked a pro-abortion activist like that, I know for a fact they would be dragged off in handcuffs since we know that to happen just for pro-life people being on a campus with literature etc. They don’t even need to attack someone and sucker punch them like that to be properly arrested. Selective enforcement again. And what if the man had defended himself and injured this psycho self righteous villain? Would be he in handcuffs? I bet he would.)

5. Canadian media on ISLAMOPHOBIA..and how political ISLAM is infiltrating CANADA.

6. After muslims murder hundreds of Christians and tourists and local hotel employees in Sri Lanka, the important thing to remember, as it always is, that the real victim of Islamic terrorism are muslims. And now, as this article tells us, they are getting dirty looks on the street occasionally from someone who lost a loved one or a leg. Because the most important thing to know about muslims killing everyone all over the place for their religion and a lottery ticket to an eternal brothel, is that muslims, are the real victims. And don’t you forget it.

Thank you @AmyMek, M., Wrath of Khan, EB., SB., Richard, and all who participated in the mental emancipation which sites like this can be.

There is a stunning amount of worthy news in the Contributor’s links post for May 8th. Well worth looking into it. I have a terrible feeling there will be even more tomorrow and Friday and through the weekend as competing ideas are marching in cities across North America. Some of them are determined to be as violent as they can.

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3 Replies to “Mega Mosques, Mega psychos, and more: Links 1, May 8th, 2019”

  1. Isn’t it funny that the World didn’t treat the Germans and Japanese in the same way?
    According to this way of “reasoning”, every Killer should be the Victim and every Victim the Criminal.
    There comes a quote from my favourite French Philosopher to mind when I see these Academented Fools that says;
    “I prefer the company of peasants because they have not been educated sufficiently to reason incorrectly.”
    >Michel de Montaigne<

  2. 3/ Twitter is requiring all spoof-account names be changed. Too much confusion, they say.
    “The Mossad” => “The Mossad: Elite Parody Division”

  3. 2: A guy in an Arsenal shirt named Butt wipes a pink knife on his beard.. can’t make this stuff up.

    Btw it’s a Pakistani name, short for Bhatta, originally a Brahmin name:
    He’s a Pakistani-born British citizen, came to UK as a child refugee.

    Redouane is an Arabic given name , common in Morocco and Algeria. I looked him up on, a useful resource. He came to the UK in ’06, applied for asylum under a false name and date of birth, was denied 3 years later but stayed. Went to Lybia in ’11 to fight Gaddafi, then married a British woman.

    Youssef Zaghba is a Moroccan-born Italian citizen. Tried to join ISIS in Syria in ’16 but was intercepted in Bologna. During questioning, Zaghba stated, “I am going to be a terrorist.”. He had propaganda on his phone, Italy entered him in an extremist database and warned the UK. British authorities deny knowing about him.

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