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It’s not whether the big internet monopolies will censor us, it’s when.


The purge began with the weakest links. And then it started escalating. By the time it’s done, the only ‘conservatives’ allowed on social media will be David French and Liz Mair.

David Horowitz had been a vocal and pugnacious presence on Twitter where he dispensed common sense truths and rebutted the lies of the Left.


Now his Twitter account has been suspended. In response the #FreeDavid hashtag has been spreading across social media.

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  1. Sieg Heil Herr Dorsey im sure your platform will be quite happy to round up all dissenters to send them all to gulags.

  2. The civil war has started, as I have said before it won’t be big units clashing but it will be small units and individuals making attacks on their enemies. The left wing censorship of the conservatives is just the beginning, as we fight back with other smaller platforms they will try buying the new platforms, getting the various platforms blocked from the websites that provide money to the contributors and trying to get the banks to refuse to do business with the new platforms and the companies that advertise on them. The left will also use lawfare, riots and assassinations as well as fraudlant voting and if they can unpersoning everyone who commits the thought crime of disagreeing with the left.

    The left will have victories and so will we, in the end the forces of freedom will win but it will be a long hard fight.

  3. In the meantime I’ve lost my Twitter feed with 62k followers.

    If that isn’t a form of de facto censorship, then I can’t make the horse stop laughing.

  4. The censorship of one side of the political spectrum is going to scare enough people to ensure that President Trump is re-elected and that he has coat tails enough to bring back Republican control of Congress. Hopefully enough of the latter will be scared enough to back PT on everything he going to be doing.

  5. Here’s the tweet that David Horowitz posted saying that he has been un-suspended.
    Are there no Constitutional lawyers in California to take up the case that under California free speech protections, the public sphere is considered anything without a membership fee or barrier to passage? Thus, even a shopping mall sidewalk is equivalent to a sidewalk in front of a public building. A private entity can exercise censorship over an area that requires membership. The United States Supreme Court has interpreted the First Amendment to the United States Constitution as not extending free speech rights to private property such as the shopping mall in this case. The California Constitution, however, contains its own
    free speech provision, which is worded differently than that of the United States
    Constitution. In Robins v. Pruneyard Shopping Center (1979) 23 Cal.3d 899
    (Pruneyard), the California Supreme Court applied what is sometimes called
    “independent state grounds” and interpreted the California Constitution as extending free
    speech rights to shopping malls like Fashion Valley Mall. The court noted that large
    shopping centers to which the public is invited can provide an essential and invaluable
    forum for exercising free speech rights. Specifically, the court held that persons could
    gather signatures on a political petition on the mall’s property and explain their views to
    customers inside the mall.

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