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2 Replies to “Brad Johnson on Venezuela May 6 2019”

  1. Excellent summation. I also knew the country years & years ago. Wonderful place. Totally agree on Venzuela’s ability to snap back.

    The naysayers sound like they’re reading from a script. When I hear it from conservatives, I wonder what they’re reading.

    If they’re making the libertarian argument, they should be aware of Russia’s investment in libertarian voices. For example: Ron and Rand Paul, Pat Buchanan. They’re featured regularly in propaganda vehicles like ZeroHedge and Sputnik.

  2. Do you recall a few weeks ago that a cargo plane loaded with gold bullion took off from Venezuela bound for supposedly Russia? What was that all about?
    One thing not touched upon in this interview was the fact that Venezuela is in debt to China and Russia for billions… I believe they have been servicing that debt with oil. Now that their oil production is grinding to a halt they can’t service the debt. I assumed that is why Russia now has boots on the ground and I wouldn’t be surprised at all if there were Chinese operatives there as well.
    I recall a game China ran in some coastal African country where they loaned the gov’t so much money the country couldn’t pay it back so the Chinese demanded one of their ports as payment. I wonder if the same kind of thing is playing out in Venezuela.

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