Two IDF return targeted strikes

Hamas terrorist hit by IDF while bicycling


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  1. Gearing up for days of fighting, IDF sends tank reinforcements to Gaza border
    As over 450 rockets pummel Israel, military says it hit more than 220 targets in raids, including cross-border attack tunnel, underground Hamas rocket production facility

    The Israeli military sent an additional tank brigade to the Gaza border on Sunday and prepared for fighting in the coming days after over 450 rockets and mortar shells were fired into southern Israel from the Gaza Strip over the course of 24 hours this weekend, killing an Israeli man and injuring several others.

    In response to the attacks, the Israel Defense Forces said it bombed over 220 military targets in the Strip, causing considerable damage to terror groups’ facilities, but relatively few casualties in the densely populated coastal enclave.

  2. Targeted killings begin as security cabinet directs IDF to intensify strikes
    The IDF spokesman announced the assassination of Hamed Ahmed Abed Khudri, which would mark the first time in a number of years that the IDF has used targeted assassinations against terrorist leaders.

    Shortly after the IDF announced on Sunday the targeted assassination of a Hamas commander responsible for transferring funds from Iran to Gaza, a security official said that the security cabinet directed the IDF to “intensify the attacks against the terrorist organizations in Gaza.”

    • Targeted killings begin as security cabinet directs IDF to intensify strikes

      These terrorists are just like sidewinders. Chop off the rattles and you won’t even get a warning. It’s what’s bad about silencing Free Speech. The enemy merely shuts up as well, and then goes about his dirty business as usual.

      When dealing with these vipers, don’t eviscerate, decapitate!

      It’s sort of like dealing with an ornery bronc. You go to the horse’s head … not its tail. Same thing goes with them copperheads, hang around the hind end and you get shit on.

      • Yep.
        About a third of the kids have gone north. Makes sense – school was cancelled today, so there’s no pretense of “let’s just get on with our lives.”

        Of course “north” isn’t very far away, but it’s a whole lot quieter. What I really dread is having Hezbollah act up now too.

        No point worrying. At least we’ve got Bibi on the job. The Israelis were blessed with common sense on election day. Their media {spit} – not so much.

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