Over NINETY missiles fired from Gaza into Sderot, other Israeli towns

UPDATE: The number of missiles has been updated to 200 and many more towns including Jerusalem have received what is called, “Red Paint warnings.

UPDATE: Local Israeli news is publishing that the apparent Cases Belli for the muslims to rain explosives down on multiple Israeli citizens, is because there is a Eurovison song contest in Tel Aviv in 10 days.


No kidding.

Gaza factions said to warn they’ll ‘ruin Eurovision’ if Israel breaks agreements

Amid heightened tensions between Israel and the Gaza Strip, Palestinian factions in the coastal enclave have warned that failure to honor unofficial agreements regarding the territory will lead to increased arson attacks in the border region and rockets on Tel Aviv that would “ruin Eurovision,” the Lebanese Al Akhbar newspaper reported Wednesday.


The unnamed sources told the daily that an escalation was likely due to “Israel’s procrastination in carrying out the understandings of calm vis-a-vis the Palestinian factions.”

Egypt, the United Nations and Qatar recently brokered ceasefire understandings between Israel and Hamas, which Hebrew media reports have said include an end to violence emanating from Gaza in exchange for the Jewish state easing some of its restrictions on the movement of people and goods into and out of the coastal enclave. Hamas, an Islamist terrorist group, seeks to destroy Israel.

(More updates at the bottom of this post as well)

From MC: Our Israeli correspondent:

I managed to get the videos this morning. These are UN-approved attacks on civilians by the Hamas terrorist administration. You are watching war crimes which will go unrecognised because the victims are Israeli Jews who are just too ‘evil’ to be considered members of the human race.

So we get bombed and nobody gives an (ape or a) monkey.

Hamas is a fundamentalist Islamic group which, because it mainly targets Israeli Jews, is approved by many European and world politicians; they are the ‘friends’ of the British Labour Party.

The videos were taken this morning from my front porch. I apologise for the quality, but I was trying to limit my exposure to shrapnel and any other junk.

The delay between the flash and the bang gives me several miles’ distance, but the closer ones are too fast to track.

I was however determined to get some footage despite the risks, these are more than just overgrown fireworks as some apologists for Islam are wont to declare.

A house in Ashkelon was hit today and there was shrapnel damage. a look at The Jerusalem Postwebsite will show you the stills.

The Israeli retaliations are going on as I write, but they will be limited because, whilst the world condoned the bombing of jooz, it despises any proper Israeli response, calling for ‘moderation’ which is diplo-speak for ‘don’t retaliate or we will condemn it as “disproportionate”.’

So we supply Gaza with fuel, food, and electricity, and they return death and destruction. This just epitomises the self-righteous arrogance of the so-called ‘religion of peace’ and its supporters in London, Brussels, Rome, Stockholm, and Washington DC.


One question for “News Trust.org“:

If these are “militants” what does it take to be a terrorist?


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30 Replies to “Over NINETY missiles fired from Gaza into Sderot, other Israeli towns”

  1. warning: angry mode on:

    The only redeeming feature these euphemistically referred to as “Palesteeenians” ( we are talking arabo-muslim-terrorists) have is their low IQ (result of centuries of inbreeding in the petri dish of Arabia) and consequently they aim higher than they are ever likely to piss (yes, it’s a vulgar metaphor to what is happening right now). But I feel that unfortunately, although of a vast superior intelligence it is the moral superiority of the Israelis/Jews that prevents them from retaliating against these savage barbarians in the way they really, really really deserve it !

    Little consolation, but: in a war between the savage and the civilised man I will ALWAYS be on the side of Israel !

    • As it happens, I was on a voice call with the man who took this footage at the time of the attacks.

      It was a visceral and view-shifting experience.

      I heard the rockets, the sirens and the explosions as they occurred while he was speaking with me about these events.

      I can never see this conflict in quite the same way.

    • The enemies of civilization deliberately kill civilians, adults and kids, they are praised as freedom fighters. The civilized people seek to avoid civilian causalities and are called evil.

      The is the problem we face as we fight to try and save some small portion of Western Civilization. This problem will exist as long as the left thinks they have a chance of taking control more nations.

    • warning: angry mode on

      Not to fear, Rita love. My own rage started at Bamiyan, with the 911 Atrocity lighting the fuse. Notre Dame was the powder keg and all that’s left is picking up the pieces. The Paris Atrocity undammed profanity within me, most likely forever.

      Islam has demonstrated to all and sundry that its place no longer need be set at civilization’s table. THE MUSLIMS CAN STARVE FOR ALL I FUCKING CARE.

      It’s long overdue to activate fusion power technology and tell the MME:


    • Simple. Whenever these shits show up with one of those keys have snipers blow their heads off. If kids show up carrying one of those keys, same thing goes. This “right of return” bullshit has all the credibility of “forty acres and a mule”.

      Many, many years ago, Israel was entitled to slowly start walking a line of artillery fire from north to south through Gaza: With a brigade of armored D-9 bulldozers to follow in the wake of whatever shelling and leveling everything in their path.

      The Paleostinians are flushed out into the Sinai and left for Egypt to sort out.

      Same goes for the West Bank. Jordan can have the last dance with them and recall why they sat back and watched during the Sabra and Shatila massacre.

      This latest pretense of “peaceful protests” is just that, a pretense.

      None of this will stop until their are so few Gazans left alive to where it is impossible for them to pose a serious danger to anything more threatening than a three-legged rat.

      I’ve always said that the Arab-Israeli conflict would be a micro example of Islam’s macro-scale war against the world. All that awaits is a for a slumbering Western giant to awaken and realize why Hiroshima and Nagasaki were so astoundingly successful against a “terrorist organization” like Imperial Japan.

  2. How long would the rockets rain down if every rocket was answered by a Katusha rocket aimed roughly at some strategic spot in Gaza? How could they complain to the international media about the Jews doing the exact same thing to them that they are doing to the Jews? And do it immediately so as to not lose the obviousness of the connection. I’ll bet the Arabs would give up in despair if they knew an outdoor market was going to get hit ten minutes after they fired their rocket at the Israelis. How about a sports stadium next… Hmmm?

  3. … there is a Eurovison song contest in Tel Aviv in 10 days.

    Hummus a few bars and I’ll fake it. [ducks]

    If these are “militants” what does it take to be a terrorist?

    Islam will NEVER be labeled as a terrorist organization. That is, it won’t be until the day it (however briefly) gloats over the nuclear destruction of some great Western metropolis.

    By then, it will too late as most Muslim majority nations will have been converted into self-illuminating, 24 hour, car parks. They’ll be “terrorist” all right, but only for a few days.

    Personally, I’d wager that nigh on 1,400 YEARS OF THIS TERRORIST SHIT is quite enough, thankyouverymuch.

    • It is coming. A few months ago Yucki said that Israel was expecting a 4 front attack/war that they weren’t sure they could defeat. We may be seeing the opening moves of that attack, although it is more likely a scouting probe to see how Israel will react when hit this hard.

      It could also be part of the strategy of creating problems around the world to draw the attention of the US to divert their attention from another location. Right now we have Venezuela, North Korea and now Israel. What is Russia or China or Iran doing that they don’t want us paying attention to?

      It could be any of the above or I could be wrong and it is just Hamas trying to get attention and convience the world they are still relevant.

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