Leftism revealed to be corrupt, again, and Islam, often a bunch of thugs: Links 1, May 4, 2019

1. Another lefty mayor gets busted by the FBI (Baltimore)

2. Tucker Carlson does a rather worthy explanation of Social Media’s soft totalitarianism

3. Yes, there really is a media conspiracy to edit, lie, and trick the public into accepting politically correct untruths BAMN

4. Because after muslims kill, threaten, preach murder to all, and agitate against everything we hold dear in the West, muslims need special protection against any potential but so far not actually done, retaliatory action:

5. Pelosi, the most reasonable of the high profile Democrats?

6. Germany: Man attacked at Palestinian event for allegedly yelling “Israel”

A man was attacked after reportedly yelling “Israel” several times at an event marking the Palestinian Nakba, which commemorates the displacement of Palestinians after the creation of Israel, on Saturday in Berlin. A group of Palestine supporters could be seen pushing and beating the man on the face and body, until they were separated and police officers arrived at the scene.


The event started early morning in Berlin’s Neukoelln district with music and dance performances on stage, food stands and several posters from the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign, including signs against the Eurovision Song Contest, which will take place in Tel Aviv this year.


Police could be seen removing a poster accusing the Eurovision Song Contest of “art-washing apartheid” after a complaint was lodged by Green Party politician Volker Beck. On Twitter, the politician labelled the commemoration a “political event through-and-through” as opposed to a folklore event that it had been registered as. Nakba Day – or the “Day of the Catastrophe” commemorates the exile of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians at the formation of the State of Israel in 1948.

Thank you all who sent in materials for this post. Much more to come today, working on more subtitled videos as we speak that show the stunning dhimmitude of Germany and other formerly Western nations.

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17 Replies to “Leftism revealed to be corrupt, again, and Islam, often a bunch of thugs: Links 1, May 4, 2019”

  1. 5 – The only reason Pelosi isn’t pushing impeachment is she knows they won’t be able to remove Trump from office. She understands that if they try and impeach PT and fail they will strengthen him.

    1, 2 and 3 are different pages of the same book. The Dems have always been the party of corruption and part of that corruption is taking bribes from big business to write laws and regulations that stop anyone competing with them in return the big business work to protect the politicians they own.

    • She understands that if they try and impeach PT and fail they will strengthen him.

      If years of earnest effort at a coup were so spectacularly unsuccessful, then it defies even the most florid inventiveness to imagine what sort of resounding Constitutional affirmations would glorify Trump after any failed impeachment. Why, it might even make him look like a victim! [gasp!]

      It’s far too late in the game for typical DNC guttersniping. That train left the station after 2018 midterms delivered unto us tripe volcanoes and airborne locomotives (e.g., AOC, Omar, Tlaib) the likes of which American politics has never seen.

    • PJW’s point that Social Media is becoming a Deep State unto itself is something that many, including myself, have been alluding to. A ruling that Social Media platforms NOT act as publishers strips them of their most powerful tool.

      Incidentally, do not for one minute think it is the ad hominem attack. Despite its near-constant unleashing in the marketplace of ideas, that abject logical fallacy has neither currency nor citizenship in such ivied halls.

      This is driven home by the fact that, as PJW hints at, applying section 230 of the Communications Act prohibiting discretionary, noncompulsory editing would Constitutionally disallow bestowal of the Left’s most hallowed sacrament:


      Perhaps now the reason becomes apparent for this epidemic of Culturally Marxist frothing—clearly patient zero was somewhere within US borders on Tuesday, November 8, 2016 (see following video clip). Far more tragic is how the spread of this apparently debilitating and potentially life-threatening condition could be stopped cold by a simple baby boom-era Sugar Cube Campaign—brought up to twenty-first century snuff with these tiny little red pills…

      The Left’s unilateral and, just as often, arbitrary dispensation of dicta is wholly reliant upon its own immediacy of need. This, because such desperation (no matter how Smolletted self-inflicted) serves as the ideal smokescreen for unthinking haste. Victimology, disease theories of addiction, now-rampant gender dysphoria, the soft bigotry of lowered expectations, and a hogshead of other ideological rotgut all comes chundering up like some Technicolor™ yawn.

      T = 00:00:14 – NSFW – Profanity

  2. RE: Item #4 — These beatdown magnets “Muslim Community Patrols” are nothing new.

    Islamic marauders in Staten Island and Brooklyn are too easily classified as some sort of “neo-vigilantism”. Unlike these mobile hooligans, such “activists” in Wild West times (e.g., Judge Roy Bean), generally upheld the local population’s views—save in outlier cases like the cattlemen versus shepherds range wars.

    These modern-day Mutaween—because that’s what they fucking are is scumbag sharia enforcers—represent nothing less than shock troops on a vanguard mission to soften up enemy resistance before full scale invasion.

    Like Brandon Tarrant, Bernhard Goetz too, was a product of his times. In Goetz’s case, it was during a period of extreme lawlessness in Gotham—perfectly symbolized by the near-universal defacing of every subway car with gang tags or other vandalism.

    Although long-expunged from the historic record, even in supposedly pre-PCMC 1984* (no coincidence, I’m sure) facts were hurriedly smothered about how—during the nine days before Goetz’s surrender—the amount of New York City’s random street crime, ESPECIALLY SUBWAY MUGGINGS, plummeted dramatically.

    * As Shakespeare said about Big Brother, “Orwell that ends well.”

    Any Texan will politely inform you (at least the first time around), that this is what concealed carry was designed for. Far more curiously, local governments that issue CCPs (Concealed Carry Permits) experience rates of unprovoked assault and other violent crime that are far lower than the national average.

    Nevertheless, these Mutaween are not worthy of ameliorative labels like “self policing”. Particularly not when, Muslims represent around ONE PERCENT OF THE AMERICAN POPULATION. Like their European counterparts, they are colonizing invaders for whom war is the answer (in all respects) and whose delayed rejoinder can only be Total War.

    That ululating Muslims worldwide continue to eat crow about Islam’s supposed total war against the West is no longer such comedy gold amidst the cooling ashes of Notre Dame. Many years ago, I held some small reservoir of sympathy for the way jihad ensured innocent Muslims were being dragged to the nuclear precipice.

    After these latest Easter Atrocities, for all I care the entirety of Islam may as well have already plunged over that nihilistic declivity. As it is, the tea and sympathy shoppe went bankrupt way back on another bright 2004 September morning in Ossetia.

    Since then, it’s just been one last straw after the other fecklessly piled upon a swaybacked and idiotically tolerant US Camel Corps. Be it a flaccid 0bama or a semi-tumescent Trump, whichever of their sort is at the helm MAKES NO FUCKING DIFFERENCE as an unrestrained Islam eventually will commit whatever atrocity is required to assure the ummah’s existential obliteration.

    Have no doubt that the gloves finally will come off. This is because there is no way in everliving hell that global domination will be achieved through the same festering, low-intensity conflict that the Paleostinians inflict upon Israel. Full stop.

    Much like lamewad arguments about contingency planning in case the sun doesn’t rise, it isn’t worth a second’s thought about being dominated by a triumphant Islam, or annihilating it completely to protect our planet from such evil incarnate. Such an intercontinental spiritual gulag is the very antithesis of human life, identical in measure to that of any era’s Communist vision.

    The Trowel is nudging me to admit that, in this unwillingness to accept Islamic ascendancy, I’m being very much like other ultra-radical imams. These extremists would rather see every last man, woman, and child on earth DEAD—with Muslims in their paradise and us Infidels roasting in eternal hellfire—rather than share this world with a single infidel.

    So it is with me about Islam and I’ve achieved total sympathy with sixties-era, gun-racked, pickup-truck driving rednecks whose bumper stickers read, “Better dead than red.” A world entirely without Islam is infinitely preferable to one with no alternative to it.

    A planet largely cleansed of (slow-to-recover) human life has a much brighter future than goat-fucking Khomeini’s screechings about when “Islam emerges triumphant in the rest of the world”

    That day must NEVER come. One way or the other, it quite possibly could bring an end to the entire human race. Just like global nuclear war, ISLAM ENSURES THE LIVING WILL ENVY THE DEAD.

    • ADDENDA: A crucial comparison was omitted in my rant’s opening salvos.

      It was intended that these beatdown magnets “Muslim Community Patrols” be slathered with the same tarbrush so appropriately splattered about when New Black Panther Party members, Minister King Samir Shabazz and Jerry Jackson, intimidated voters at a 2008 Philadelphia polling station.

      So, it’s at times like this where I make deep connections with my anima.* As no doubt must have happened with Madame Defarge’s knitting in her own turbulent era, our modern dog’s-breakfast-of-a-donnybrook being passed off as the new millennia keeps me in such stitches that I drop a purl or loop here and there, too.

      * I’m so in touch with my feminine side that it filed a restraining order against me!.

      • I don’t know if any religion can truly be destroyed, although between the left and Islam they have created a perfect storm to test if one or both can be destroyed. I will be happy if Islam can be driven underground for a couple of millennium, the Romans did their best to destroy the worship of Bael and succeeded in driving it underground for for over 2 millennium but it is resurfacing under the name of Woman’s reproductive health and abortion rather then the sacrifice of a young baby to be a messenger to Bael.

        The combination of the left and Islam have destroyed Western Civilization but ijn destroying civilization they have sowed the seeds of their own destruction, they are creating the hatred needed to drive a war of annihilation against them and in the process removed the civilized restraints that are preventing us from acting like or ancestors who knew that you destroy your enemies not suck up to them.

        • … between the left and Islam they have created a perfect storm to test if one or both can be destroyed.

          Neither seem to comprehend—or just aren’t willing to admit—how they have cast everything into a political chiaroscuro, a light which will brook no further contrast. The Left and Islam are playing a high-stakes winner-takes-all game of chicken, each just waiting for the other to swerve.

          The Right Whites see this Great Game quite differently and, along with much of this world’s Christian population, now know that THIS IS A FIGHT TO THE DEATH.

          … they are creating the hatred needed to drive a war of annihilation against them and in the process removed the civilized restraints that are preventing us from acting like or ancestors who knew that you destroy your enemies not suck up to them.

          Put that into a half-dozen words and either of them could use it for a fine epitaph.

          • It is coming, and from what I see coming faster then anyone wants. The man in the video you posted has some blind spots caused by his lack of education in history. During WWII hardly anyone wanted the war but we fought it because the alternative was so much worse. We are on ce again We are once again facing a war that no one in their right mind wants, but the alternative is to allow either the left or Islam take all of our rights from us. Once again the sleeping giant must awaken and fight for survival, once again American blood must be split around the world to preserve freedom inside the US. Technology no longer allows us to pull back with9in our borders and let the rest of the world fight. Events in history have pushed the US into being the leader of the free world (right now the freest nation in the world) a role we didn’t and for many don’t want. What we want doesn’t matter a hill of beans, we have several nations and ideologies and Theologies that want to force the rest of the world to believe the way they order. Because of the position that history has forced us into we must win the fight with our internal enemies while we fight our external enemies. As Trevor Loudon says, if the US falls every nation falls, as trite and hokey as it may sound we are holding the fate of the entire world in our hands. We either step up and once more defend the Tree of Liberty or the tree will be destroyed and freedom will leave this planet for many Centuries.

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