“All options on table in Venezuela”

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  1. One of the many things Obama and Clinton did wrong was tell the world when the military solution was off the table. The bad guys then knew they could ignore everything we said.

    • Venezuelan opposition leader Lopez takes refuge at Chile’s embassy as coup seems failing

      Venezuelan opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez has taken refuge in the Chilean embassy in Caracas, Chilean Foreign Minister Roberto Ampuero said late Tuesday, as the U.S.-backed coup attempt against elected President Nicolas Maduro seemed to be failing.

      Lopez followed his wife Lilian Tintori and his daughter, who “entered as guests to the residency of our diplomatic mission,” Ampuero tweeted.

      “Chile reaffirms its engagement with Venezuelan democrats,” he added.

      Lopez, who had been under house arrest since July 2017, said earlier that he had been rescued by the military.


      Top Venezuelan opposition leader claims asylum at Chilean embassy

      A top leader of Venezuela’s opposition took refuge Tuesday at the Chilean embassy in Caracas, amid an opposition-led uprising against embattled President Nicolás Maduro.

      Leopoldo López was granted asylum by the Chilean government alongside his wife, Lilian Tintori, and his daughter, Chilean Foreign Minister Roberto Ampuero tweeted.

      “Chile reaffirms its commitment to Venezuelan democrats,” wrote Ampuero.

      López, the founder of the Popular Will party, was liberated from house arrest early Tuesday by military officers loyal to opposition leader Juan Guaidó.


  2. “Secretary of State Pompeo: Socialist Regime Leader Maduro Was Going to Flee Country Until Russia Propped Him Up (VIDEO)_”
    by Jim Hoft – April 30, 2019

    “Secretary of State Pompeo: Maduro Was Going to Flee Country Until Russia Propped Him Up”
    James Hoft – Published on April 30, 2019

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