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One Reply to “More Dutch language misinformation on Sri Lanka”

  1. All in the family: How Sri Lanka terror reveals reality of threat

    … Although Sri Lanka has arrested dozens and carried out a deadly raid on Friday last week, the overall picture that is developing is of two closely linked families that were drawn to Islamist extremism.…

    There is no doubt that ISIS is still a widespread threat around the world with a capacity to inspire attacks. But what we learn in Sri Lanka, as in similar attacks in Europe is that families play a key role in radicalization. For instance, in the wake of the Belgium terror attacks in 2016 two brothers were arrested. During the hunt for Osama Bin Laden, the ability to finally track him down was linked to the discovery of family connections.…

    Islamist extremist groups, like other terrorist networks operate on numerous levels. On one level, they may become closer to acting like a state like ISIS pretended to, when they get big enough. But on the smallest level they work as a cell and then more like a mafia. Just as families are integral to the functioning of the mafia, they are also important in many terrorist networks. This points to the fact that ISIS threats, like the one in Sri Lanka, may not be as complex as they initially appear.…


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