About the international government-media complex and its misinformation efforts…

On the day of the MUSLIM attacks on Sri Lankan Christians and tourists, I reported at this site that I was getting phone calls from friends, concerned that all the reporting they heard on the news that day, CNN, CBC, BBC and everywhere else, did everything it could to make sure people did not consider muslims as the possible killers. In fact they slandered Buddhists and often even managed to make the Christians the bad guys for alleged previous actions that brought retaliation from Hindu groups or Buddhists.

This is some early Dutch language reporting from that day, not sure yet if its Belgian or The Netherlands, but forcing that same insane narrative:

Thank you C. for your find and translation on this.

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  1. This is insane, the entire Propaganda Media industry and the vast majority of Western Politicians have sold out their people for an ideology thathas failed throughout all of recorded history.

    • Failed? Depends on how you define success, I guess.
      It’s an ideology that started in a backwater and conquered the Arabian peninsula in a decade (according to its own scriptures). 30 years later they had half of North-Africa, the whole of Persia, the whole ME, part of the Caucasus and present-day Turkey. 90 years after that, the whole of MENA, Spain and Portugal, Afghanistan and Pakistan. That’s a lot of colonization in just 130 years.
      And they kept at it, spreading all the way to Indonesia in the 13th century. It’s largely forgotten in the West that China had a huge muslim population.
      The conquest of India was extremely bloody, they could have overrun Europe early on as well, if it weren’t for the Khazars.

      The Mongol’s sacking of Baghdad in 1258 was the nail in the coffin of Islam’s “Golden Age”. Some talk of stagnation after that, but tell that to Mehmet the Conqueror:

      And the Ottoman Empire was a force to be reckoned with, right until the end. Even then, the rump state managed to oust the British and French occupying forces, and to then define its own borders. The “Sick man of Europe” phrase is a myth, and was originally coined to describe Austria.

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