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3 Replies to “A witness to ANOTHER fire at ANOTHER Notre Dame Church in France”

    • Lorraine:

      We were booted off of Youtube and almost certainly due to a group effort. It was part of the grand deplatforming of non-communists and non-muslims, or at least those opinions, we see on ‘social media’ these days.

      The answer for us, and ironically also for groups like ANTIFA and genuine communist thugs and fascists, is a distributed platform like Mastodon or Bit.tube, which we use now.

      This uses a different method of delivering video than Youtube does. The good news is, once you gt it working its better than youtube in some ways, and in fact, there is an upgrade coming any week now which will make it even better.

      For now, some people have difficulties on some platforms. Try Chrome, Safari, Brave, (I like brave but you have to go shields down with brave or the video doesn’t come through, as its a torrent and not a stream from a central server) or whatever other browser you may have. You will likely have to set the security lower for that particular site, which is https://bit.tube

      This is a real answer to the problems that we are having trying to penetrate the insane level of propaganda the MSM now does instead of inform. This will allow us to get some reality back into the mix.

      But everyone has to be prepared to at least do a little work to be able to get with the technology. To quote or tireless technical man on this, “The left is WAY ahead of all of us on all this.”

      He is correct. I have had to grab materials from Communist/Fascist channels to find video of real events being suppressed by the MSM.

      Some people report that if they can get the direct link to the video, they can see it at the home site for https://bit.tube/vladtepesblog

      I usually forget to post the link as I always see the video in the embed here at Vlad, which makes it hard to remember.

      But another thing you can do, is go to my channel linked above, and subscribe, and bookmark it. Then whenever you see a big blank space you can pop over and watch the video there.

      If there are any other questions or none of these things work for you, please answer this comment and I will do my level best to help you.

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