Europe, Sri Lanka, leftism and Islam: Links 1, April 22, 2019

1. Call to Prayer that can be heard over a whole neighbourhood in Hamburg Germany

2. Sri Lanka: Jihadi Suicide Bombers Hit Churches on Easter. World must be united against Radical Islam.

(Hindu blog in English that is typically quite good. They created a decent graphic for this event as well, that won’t post here for some reason)

3.  Man in France stabs neighbor 15 times, says he ‘wanted to kill a Jew’

4. Avi Yemeni exposes the connections behind the people who deported him from the USA:

5. Geert Wilders presents bill to legislature to BAN ISLAMIC MANIFESTATIONS.

(Seems like a rather splendid idea really)

6. Macron forbids the architects of N.-D. to speak, proof that it is not an accident!

(This is a partial machine translation from Riposte Laique. One of the very few excellent sites in France that has been long-time, chronicling the government-media complex collusion with the far left and Islam in its war against the West.)

The Ministry of Culture would prohibit architects of historical monuments from answering interviews about Notre Dame

Article 2, this series of remarks and common sense questions by Yves-Marie Laulan, economist and director of the Institute of Geopolitics.

Without falling in the slightest of the world through “conspiracy”, the fire of N.-D. Paris does not fail to raise a number of intriguing questions:


1 ° How huge oak beams that are centuries old, which, as we know, become over time, dry and hard like concrete, can they burn like matches? By what means is it possible to set it on fire?


2. The fire is from the base of the arrow of N.-D. On which support did she rest? How was it anchored in the underlying structure?


(3) How could this enormous piece of metal and frame be ignited without the aid of a highly combustible material disposed at or near its base (chips, leaves, various vegetable debris, or … flammable liquid? ?).

(We are working on a video right now which will demonstrate using the (anathema to leftists) scientific method to show how difficult it is to light up antique oak. I hope to post that today)

7. Omar tells another WHOPPER:

The responses in the thread are encouraging though. “Thousands”. Yeah.

8. Toulouse on Saturday

(And yet the suicide rate among police is spiking to the point where there may be a strike, I haven’t heard of such a spike among the protestors. It appears that the police wish to be loved by the people they are blinding, amputating hands and more or less arbitrarily knocking down with hybrid weapons of war. More on that soon.)

Thank you M., Wrath of Khan, C., EB., GB.,

The above cartoon would be even more true in Canada. Anyone attempting to do the government’s job in enforcing the law would be jailed as a “vigilante” and a dozen other charges.

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7 Replies to “Europe, Sri Lanka, leftism and Islam: Links 1, April 22, 2019”

  1. I fervently await the Day of the Vigilante as it is coming to a place near you. When government fails in its primary duty(To protect its citizens) it has NO right to govern , let alone gaol those who DO protect citizens and I do NOT mean the police.

    • Its coming and coming faster then most people realize. The left thinks that they have people so brainwashed that they won’t fight back no matter what. They have spend decades vilifying vigilante’s never stopping to think that the only time vigilante’s arise is when the law is not protecting the people. The left will try and rewrite history to try and get people to think that vigilante’s were never acting to protect the people. Last week a show on the Discovery Channel was trying to tell people that the Wyoming Vitilante’s were not going after a gang of crooks but were instead after rich gold claims the Sheriff owned.

      The left thinks we are so stupid we will accept their revisionist history even when all of the evidence says they are lying.

      Vigilante action is coming, and once it arrives the people who destroyed civilization and the rule of law are in for many surprises.

  2. Macron forbids the architects of N.-D. to speak, proof that it is not an accident!

    Further confirmation that Micron is no longer is on speaking terms with the truth. A question:

    Does telling the truth in a time of universal deceit make lying a counter-revolutionary act?

    It certainly appears as though the Left has dived headlong through this looking glass.

    That this wasn’t a “pitchforks and torches” sort of moment, complete with dancing Micron Marrionette, confirms my belief that America will be obliged to go in and pull up France’s skirts stockings a THIRD TIME.

    After this next go around, the chastened and swelling Marianne that America leaves behind had better not have enough radioisotopes to take a fucking chest X-ray!. The flower from TWO GENERATIONS of 20th century (White!) AMERICAN YOUTH perished miserably to defend Notre Dame. And these Bolshevik batrachian buttmuffins burn down a thousand years of grandeur in ONE FUCKING DAY.

    The survival of La Belle France depends utterly upon Micron’s instantaneous removal.

    • That this wasn’t a “pitchforks and torches” sort of moment, complete with dancing Micron Marrionette, confirms my belief that America will be obliged to go in and pull up France’s skirts stockings a THIRD TIME.

      Yeah we are going to have to liberate France at least once this Century, it is possible that the Yellow Vests will turn into a real revolution but that isn’t certain.

      Back when the two Germanys reunited my Father said that letting them do that was a big mistake because in 20 years we would have to go over and kick the sh__ out of them again. Looks like his timing was off but unless the freedom loving Germans decide to act we will once again have to march into Germany.

      Britain is another question mark, they have a few people who can lead them back to freedom but it is uncertain that this will happen.

  3. I ask why Shari Lanka, a country most people would find hard to find on a map. I actually had to familiarize myself…
    So this small country with a very small Christian population was hit with a heinous coordinated bombing.
    I ask why
    What is to be gained by causing so much carnage in a country that, let’;s face it, no one cares about?

    • What is to be gained by causing so much carnage in a country that, let’s face it, no one cares about?

      It’s to remove all doubt about Notre Dame being any “lone wolf” bullshit.

      Islam has declared Total War and the West is suicidal not to respond accordingly.

      Also, Sri Lanka is right on the edge of Islam’s “bloody borders” and, therefore, a more likely recipient of unwanted Muslim attentions.

    • Because it is an EASY target with a population that supposedly represses the muslim invaders. There is very little chance of them doing so well in the other hated local state(Myanmar). The Tamils including those who were muslims were brought over to work in the tea plantations and the muslims bred like the roaches they are and as they did so did their territorial demands arise and when they hit the violence threshold you had open war. The “Tamil” insurgency in Sri Lanka was always 99% muslim but like the Biafran war in Nigeria(muslims vs Christians) the MSM never bothered to tell anyone that. The MSM have been openly LYING to the west about islam and communism since ~1960.

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