Five items of note for April 19, 2019: Links 1

1. Sydney Archbishop: French Church Burnings Attest Christians ‘Under Siege’

Sydney’s Catholic archbishop said Thursday that Christians around the world are “under siege” and hopes the fire at Paris’ Notre-Dame Cathedral was not a deliberate attack as others have been.

Archbishop Anthony Fisher said that after hearing of a recent “catalogue of fires” and arson attacks in French churches, “it really struck me that we are, in some ways, under siege.”


“In a sense, Christians are always under siege, even when they are very popular in the world. We have our own spiritual battles to fight,” he told radio host Alan Jones.

“Particularly at this time,” he said, “we know there are those in the world who are opposed to all religion or opposed to our religion and it looks like some of them are determined to make that clear by burning down our buildings.”

“I hope that’s not what was behind what happened at Notre-Dame Cathedral,” he added.

2. Trump? Or Kim Jong Un. Who would be better as leader

3. Sudanese protesters participate in Friday prayer in front of army HQ

4. Surge in Muslim migration sees spike in attacks on Christians in France

5. UK: “Devout Muslim” screaming “Allahu akbar” stabs man 6 times in neck, is getting treatment at psychiatric hospital

(From Jihad Watch. Original article here)

“When you meet the unbelievers, strike the necks…” (Qur’an 47:4)

“The court heard he is a devout Muslim who prays 15 times a day after he converted to Islam on his 20th birthday while in prison. He is being treated at Ashworth high-security psychiatric hospital in Merseyside…”

How “Islamophobic” of British authorities, to treat devoutness in Islam and obedience to the commands of the Qur’an as if it were mental illness. Will Islamic groups in the UK complain?

Note also this: “The following month he threatened two men in a takeaway pizza shop in Slough, Berkshire, with a large kitchen knife and said to them ‘Can I kill you now?’ and ‘You are not Muslims.’”

Where did Ahmad Ibn Abdillah get the idea that he could kill non-Muslims but not Muslims? Could it have been from the Qur’an, which forbids Muslims to kill fellow Muslims (4:92) but commands Muslims to kill non-Muslims (2:191, 4:89, 9:5)? And who taught this young convert about the Qur’an and Islam? Is anyone in Britain investigating that, or are the implications of the question too ominous, such that they’re waving away such inquiries with the all-purpose dodge that he was “radicalized on the Internet”?

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5 Replies to “Five items of note for April 19, 2019: Links 1”

  1. If that is a representative sample of what the kids in Canada are being taught the world is in more trouble then I thought.

  2. Another Seattle Liberal Caught Beating Up Someone Over Politics

    Yet again we see that it is liberals who are the real danger to society, this time in Seattle as a Democrat yelling about how much he hates Donald Trump approached a priest and began beating him for no reason.

    Amy Clancy, of KIRO-TV in Seattle, recently reported that a priest was gassing up his car at a local gas station when a man came up to him and without warning began to beat the priest.

    Russian Orthodox Abbot Tryphon of All-Merciful Saviour Monastery on Vashon Island in Seattle’s Puget Sound told police that he was minding his own business when the man came out of nowhere yelling about Trump and began punching the priest.

  3. Kimberley Strassel On Bob Mueller: ‘He was the wrong man to provide an honest assessment of the 2016 collusion dirty trick’

    In case you missed it (and with the way the media has avoided reporting it and Democrats are spinning like mad) the main takeaway from the Mueller Report is that the president did not collude with Russia during the 2016 election.

    Yeah yeah, there is a bunch of other stuff in the report but at the end of the day, WHAT Mueller was asked to investigate was unfounded which is why the media and Dems are doing their damnedest to make sure they find a way to spin the report into a new narrative.

    Twitchy Reports:

  4. Sounds like a tale from the British Colonies of old. A colonialist goes tropo and stiffs a native, the prosecutors send him to a insane asylum for a couple of months and then he is free to continue “colonising” the territory.
    The mohammedians are laughing it up in the west right now, having a rollicking good time.
    I hope you all understand the point I’m making.

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