Dan Park speech in Malmo from 2015 at PEGIDA Rally

I am restoring this speech because Dan was beaten up today apparently kicked while on the ground, by what are described by witnesses as, “Leftist Fascists”.


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  1. The Left is getting more violent by the day.
    But what can you expect from Ideological Retards that lost the Argument on the day of conception?
    The AfD has had also another Arson attack in Essen.

  2. One day soon someone is going to think: “I am sick of this” as the usual bed of antifa thugs start punching and kicking him or her and justly blows them away with his/her legal concealed and then watch the MSM blood frenzy and the witch hunts and the mothers rolling up saying: “he was always such a nice, good boy”. Like muslims they will only defer to greater violence and like them they are fast deserving of it!

  3. If, in 1940, the Germans had hired crowds of British traitors to form violent mobs and attack anybody that said anything bad about the Nazi phenomenon would that be their “constitutional right” to do so? Would we all be forced to stand back and say, “Well, it’s a free country, isn’t it?” and then follow up with, “I guess they’re just exercising their right to freedom of speech” when they scream “shame, shame, shame” at an Israeli politician for daring to speak at a university. Does the enemy somehow have a “constitutional right” to beat us and replace our way of life with a Muslim dictatorship? Where exactly does it say that in anybody’s constitution I wonder…?

  4. More on Dan Park…
    ‘Troubled’ or a Lark
    Deface the Face
    That claims Their Race
    Superior In The Dark.

    This is my attempt to probe the mind of Dan Park:

    Let’s break down the offensive poster “Hang on Afrofobians,” showing three heads of three African in nooses that represent derogatory slavery.

    “Jallow Momodou, a Swedish activist and National Co-ordinator of the European Network Against Racism,…”

    “…in which he showed not only the Momodou, but also Yusupha Sallah, a man violently beaten by a gang in front of his son because of his skin colour, and Aaron Alexis, the perpetrator of a mass shooting at a Navy courtyard in Washington.”
    “Momodou reported a group of Lund University students to the police for hosting a jungle party in which they held a slave auction.”

    “Momodou describes Sweden as, “a country where racism is just a joke,” and the events outlined in this article prove the activist right.”

    “These incidences reveal a deep injustice in Swedish society. Dan Park has hijacked the vehicle of art, … …how can minority communities feel that they are valued and how can activists like Jallow Momodou feel safe fighting for what they believe is right.”

    Momodou is presented here is as a professional race-hustler, Aaron Alexis a murderer, and the sweet guy Yusupha Sallah… Why, oh why is he here?

    “Sallah, who only recently moved to Sweden from Denmark due to rules over residency permits, was left shaken by the attack. He was beaten up and almost thrown off a bridge while his infant son was also hurt after a gang kicked a toy out of his hand.

    “I asked them why did they do that to a small baby. He answered me ‘you fucking black man, you better pick up your son and go or I’m going to kill the both of you,'” Sallah told SVT in a recent interview.”

    Was that Jussie Smollet? Is this the ‘Privilege of Victimhood’ in Sweden?

    “It’s understood that there is some video footage of the attack which police are anxious to see. Bull said people in the area may be afraid of reprisal attacks and also may be unwilling to speak to the authorities as they have a prior criminal record.”

    If so, then the poster is the antitheses of the Three Wise Men.
    Hear No Evil. See No Evil. Speak No Evil.

    They Heard Evil. They Saw Evil. They Spoke Evil.

    Satire is a roux served hot. Calling out the racists with ‘racism’.

    • Aaron Alexis: From September 2012 to January 2013, Alexis worked in Japan, “refreshing computer systems” on the Navy Marine Corps Intranet network for an HP Enterprise Services subcontracting company called The Experts.[clarification needed][44] After returning from Japan, he expressed frustration to a former roommate that he felt he had not been paid properly for the work he performed.[31][44] Another roommate of Alexis said that he would frequently complain about being the victim of discrimination.[45][46] In July 2013, he resumed working for The Experts in the United States.[44]

      Unlocking the connection to the three stooges who themselves were and are brainwashed to use acts of violence against people to feed a resentment of discrimination and entitlement.

      Did Dan Park succeed? Warning of civilizations demise? His bloody nose got us talking as the same violence he depicted just jumped off the page.

      • I personally do not GAF about ethics if you attack me or mine. If you do I will try and really hurt you as badly as I deem necessary and am capable of doing and I learned this the hard way.
        If more people were willing and capable of doing so the attacks would decrease. and the thugs would be more careful and less keen.
        Our humane, kind society produces victims en masse for the scum of the planet. The hens now have no idea when a skulk of foxes appear.
        ALL pacifists are parasites as they can only survive if someone else is will to die to protect their right to be a pacifist.

    • PC I am going to have to read this a couple of more times. But as a guy who has spoken with Dan a couple of times, and BTW this is NOT an appeal to authority in knowing his mind, only revealing by what vector I think I know his mind, Dan is a classic very shy artist. He has a very specific kind of intellect and a more general kind of courage.

      In spoken words, interviews and so on he is the farthest thing from slick. He would be the perfect example of Ben Franklin’s “fool for a lawyer” as he could never defend himself, as he speaks his truth without predigestion for the sensitivities or political zietgiest of the time and place.

      That is to say, he is without the guile needed to survive a society based on deceptions.

      Dan is a true artist and by that I mean someone who, if they could say what they want to say in words, his art would be counterfeit. His art means something very difficult to put into words. So the state decided what he meant, made it illegal and punished him for it.

      At the time this happened, that seemed like it was a more rare event than it is today.

      Today that is what happens when a non-leftist opens his mouth to cough.

      • This activist’s drawings – like-for-like retaliation – I feel does miss a much bigger picture.

        “Hang on Afrofobians,” could have referenced “You’re in Sweden! The world’s Capital of Femsplaining, Femspreading, and Femcentricity, handing out tax payers money to victims for imagined Hate Crimes. Where the Perpetually Offended get rich!”

        So the Three Nooses or even The Three Wise Monkeys would be out before a lawyer could reach for a pen, but three horned visages peeing on a burning Uppsala Cathedral? Reparations to put out the fire.

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