Some stunning cruelty in this robbery of a man in Belgium

I am hoping C can fill in some blanks here.

At the moment the most I know is that someone who speaks in a fairly hoodlumish way, that might be Moroccan, robbed a homeless man in a way that suggests he was more interested in inflicting pain and cruelty and the robbery was more an excuse to ‘justify’ the torture.

This happened in Antwerp, Belgium (“premetrostation Astrid”), I hevan’t seen anything about the ethnicity of the teens, though they’re clearly of foreign extraction.

The man is called Jef, is 59 and lives in the Linkeroever area (west bank). he went to the opening of a bar in merksem (eastside) and missed his connection, so he was waiting for the first tram home.

Sources (in Dutch):

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  1. This could turn into a Meme. The guy kicking represents illegal (muslim) migrants and the guy on the floor represents Europe (although normally Europe is thought of as a woman). Doesn’t matter. That pretty much sums it up.

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