Ottawa monastery’s Buddha statue vandalized for the third time

The following article is from an April 17 2019 link from the Ottawa Citizen.

It should be noted that this area over the last few years has become heavily islamic, and although the writing on the stick smacks of Christianity, there is not a long history of Christians smashing up other people’s iconography in Canada. And certainly not Catholics. Glass houses and all that.

Last March, we went and filmed the area after the same statue was ‘decapitated’ in what was to become a series of attacks on this same statue. That video below the article and more recent video from security camera footage of the current attack:

Members of a Heron Road Buddhist community say they are fearful after a statue of the Buddha was vandalized for the third time.


A surveillance camera caught a vandal hitting the statue with a piece of wood early Wednesday morning, the monastery’s chief incumbent monk Rev. Nugegalayaye Jinananda Thero said.


On the wood was written the First Commandment from the Bible: Thou shalt have no other gods before me.

Police confirmed they were called to a mischief complaint at the monastery Wednesday.


“This is the third time and the whole Buddhist community is threatened by this — it’s not only vandalizing a statue,” Jinananda Thero said.

“It is an uneasy feeling.”

From March 2018:

Direct link:

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7 Replies to “Ottawa monastery’s Buddha statue vandalized for the third time”

  1. Clearly a false flag attack to deflect attention from the Muslim migrant attacks on Christian churches throughout France and Europe.

  2. Let’s see…skullcap, long shirt over baggy poopy-bottoms, sandals, beard…
    Definitely a white neo-nazi conservative republican christian-zionist nationalist…and it was an accident…maybe mental illness. Thank Buzuzu this was not a sexual emergency, otherwise the fearless Dudley Do-Rights of the maple-stasi would have to launch a statuary-rape investigation.
    I look forward to The Day of the Rope.

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