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10 Replies to “Germany: Muslim woman on trial for torturing sex slaves to death”

  1. The fact that George Clooney is on the side of the killer is not surprise, he is against anything that will save the US.

  2. I don’t think she could have prevented it, BC as women don’t have rights with ISIS, but why she’s with ISIS in the first place wearing a trash bags makes her equally responsible for the death of this child.just as much as the Coyotes bringing children to the border throwing them over the fence, those who throw that child over the fence weren’t even the child’s parents, and Catholics are bringing ISIS and economic migrants ENVOY Global Compact migration lawyer’s office with the UN Development agenda unitede People like journalist Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post, they need to stop with their nigro NCAA victimhood mentality and commie greenfest commies eugenics Multi-Lalateral development world Bank Mahmoud Mohiedi senior vice-president.

  3. They cry about Kashmir and are liars as interfaith is wrong AC 19:9 and God is not partial AC 10:34 so their minority mentality is liars, and THEIVES, and crooks and corruption. Selfish, geed, they don’t practice what they preach. They are those who God YHWH Hebrew JHVH English common language will say, get away from me you practioners of lawlessness and chaos. I never knew you. Their rich opulent immaculate heart of Mary Northglenn Colorado corruption Church Lutheran’s services VOLAG Government conracts APA Chicago Illinois IBM servers Chicago Illinois CAIR needs to go back to turkey Erdogan POS http://www.fahrconference.com largest middle Eastern conference in Abu Dhabi UAE idiot’s http://www.opensecrets.org, pagan Catholics idol worshippers of demons, Mary worshippers.

    • These pseudo-faith front groups for the ummah are making a fortune from the Refugee Resettlement gig.
      Way past time to turn over the tables of the money-changers. (It didn’t end well for them last time.)

  4. I wonder if this were the or some of the ISIS fighters the German Government flew back into Germany in SECRET.
    Why can’t they let those bastards rot in Syria and Iraq?
    Let the people, that suffered under them, deal with this scum.
    I’m perfectly content in the knowledge that those former Victims know exactly how to recycle “Human” Waste.

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