About that Democrat strategy…

I like how the guest correctly points out that she uses her identity as both a sword and a shield to advance a leftist and Islamic agenda.


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  1. This is a prime example of Identity Politics where special groups get special rights. The problem the left has is that they have to decide which group gets the most rights, they have decided on the Islamic Invaders as the highest special group on the special privilege pyramid, throwing all of their other Identity groups under the bus.

    We are now waiting to see how many of the other minority groups either refuse to vote or vote Republican?

    • Even PERCEIVED identity, FEELINGS-based identity!
      • • Candace Omar is white.
      • • Linda Sarsour {spit} is black.

      If the arbitrary victimhood-scale isn’t loopy enough, make it more kinky by SUBJECTIVE determination of skin color. Nope, don’t believe your lying eyes. Or even DNA.

      And what does any of this have to do with the price of tea in China?

      • And what does any of this have to do with the price of tea in China?

        Just for gits and shiggles …

        Imagine the day of ultimately fluid identity freedom when anybody can walk into whatever establishment and claim to be an ambulatory laundry list of the most oppressed minorities du jour (e.g., un-reassigned, low income, paraplegic, Bantu pygmy gay menstruating male whale spirit) who demands the last letter in most-recently-well-funded Affirmative Action measures, neurosurgeon retraining, section 8 housing, heroic medical measures, and extra layers of watered silk to fart through.

        Why, a White man could just traipse in and pretend to be a Black lesbian single-mother and rocket to the top of every minority quota that HR has to offer. No?

        [insert innocent eyelash batting noises >here<]

        Just a word of warning to all these sundry "minorities": Keep pressing your Anything But White™ (Caucasian NeverWhiters are next!) agenda and some way will emerge that makes every last one of your perpetual grievances vanish like the psychedelic psychotic Hullabalootions that they are.

      • Hopefully it means that the Dems are imploding and the adults will have a few decades to repair the damage the Dems have done to our Republic.

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