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3 Replies to “Canadian virtue signalling is made of this”

  1. I will give Moe room and board if he works nine hours a day digging up tree roots and drainage ditches on my farm. Still want it, Moe?

  2. My only real hope for Canada is that Canadians are so incredibly vapid, listless, passionless and puffed up with self righteousness (a cover for the emptiness and apathy within) that they will not have the energy required to go full sharia/progressive (I know, given enough culture enrichers they will be forced to, like it or not, but still). Canadians will break their jaws yawning while simultaneously yammering on loudly about the awfulness of climate change, Donald Trump, far right extremism, etc. And then stay home and watch curling.

    So maybe it won’t follow the UK, Sweden, France, Germany, etc., down the drain. One can hope ….

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