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One Reply to “Gohmert on Mueller report: A proper description”

  1. Unfortunately we can’t move on, if we don’t investigate, prosecute and imprison the criminals from the Dem side of the aisle the rule of law will be dead in the US. It is on life support now and the Dems are determined to finish the job of killing the rule of law. From what we (the readers of VTB) see from the other nations the US and possibly parts of Canada are the last places in the west where any semblance of the rule of law still exists.

    The left has dragged the world back to the past when the norm was totalitarians of various stripe and war. Now we are fighting to try and see if we can save the rule of law and keep at least one nation free. If we are to give our children and grand children any freedom at all we have to fight and fight hard.

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